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The light side of the moon
December 11, 2007, 9:50 pm
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The new Halo 3 maps may have only been out in the wild for a mere matter of hours but already we’re getting reports of people finding more of the elaborate easter eggs the Halo series has become famous for.

Remember the face hidden in the moon on Containment? Initially thought to be Frankie, it was later revealed to be Bungie’s Environment Artist, Chris Carney.

Well, he’s back… and still hanging around the lunar cheese, this time on Standoff.

A bigger version can be found here.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Frankie mentioned there’s at least two eggs hidden on Standoff alone. Anyone out there noticed the other one?


Ok, is this guy (found on one of the sattelite dishes) the second egg?

Certainly could be, I guess… but the thing causing the most head scratching at the moment is the all important question – who the hell is that??

Sure he’s similar to the floaty Jason Jones we met on Halo, but looks like a totally different guy to me. Marcus Lehto? David Dunn?

It’s time to whack those thinking caps on guys, let’s find out who this mysterious sat man really is.


Thanks to the detective work of Louis Wu of H.B.O, along with a little help from Frankie, we now know that the figure perched on the satellite is in fact, Bungie 3D artist, Travis Brady.

Case closed.


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the other one is this construction guy thats the same animation as the guy in shorts on halo, but it might not be considered a easter egg, i dont know, you decide

Comment by Squirrel Jockey

Updated the post. I wonder who that is?

Comment by 7th Columnist

far out.

Comment by maccie05

Marcus Lehto, has to be

Comment by L Nixon

when I’m on standoff I’ll have to check these out.

Comment by D-thunda

Look up in the sky, there are some jets leaving smoke trails (white lines).

Comment by DEL360X

Looks like the sound guy, Jay Weinland

Comment by DEL360X

Two things
1.Has anyone noticed that the plasma rifle isn’t available in forge on Standoff???
2.Does Standoff’s secret item really exist, or is it just the soccer ball??

Comment by RabidMongoose

1)weird. but oh well, it won’t change. bungie has made that abundantly clear to me.
2)it’s the soccer ball.

Comment by D-thunda

Dang, what a let down!
ah well, the soccer ball is still sweet

Comment by RabidMongoose

no worries

Comment by D-thunda

soccerball is probably the most boring thing ever. I got bored with it within two minutes.

Comment by Jordonferri

I want to get up and personal with that easter egg
now how to get out there

Comment by ION 360


I have a tutorial on how to get out to that, and anywhere else out of maps.


there ya go, follow my tutorial and meet the fellow up close. it’s hard to do, but you’ll get it eventually.

Comment by D-thunda

The soccer ball is probably the dumbest thing in the game…

Comment by Jordonferri

that guy looks a hell of a lot like John Locke from Lost.

Comment by V M31573R NL

the guy in the moon, that is.

Comment by V M31573R NL

Why do people keep referring to Carney’s face on containment as being on the moon….WHEN DID YOU EVER SEE A HALO SHAPED MOON?!?…ugh…

Comment by Thanatos

wait wut secret item do you 2 speak of?somethin about a soccer ball or somthin

Comment by WTFyNOT

Lol, the guy on the satellite… he’s not a very good 3d artist if his easter egg is 2d…

Comment by Connor

and there appears to be a possible easter egg on this page… scroll right down and look at the very bottom and there is a tiny smilie face

Comment by Connor

Comment by THE ROCK

Comment by THE ROCK

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