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Merry Christmas!
December 25, 2007, 7:39 pm
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There’s not much to say really, just… Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s been a great year here at 7thColumnist, thanks to all who’ve got involved. For today though… relax, eat more than you can handle, and remember to hop on to matchmaking at some point for some festive fragging.

Best wishes to everyone! And here’s to the new year!


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here here!

Comment by D-thunda

yay Christmas

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

the reindeer should have been drones

Comment by Garkalla

why dose it say halo2?
what about halo3

Comment by ION 360

I say old image… plus, updates coming soon.

Comment by Mike

mike? i thought 7th

Comment by Master Tricks #1

maybe this blog will go back to being JUST about his life. hi mike!

Comment by D-thunda

maybe he died

Comment by tom

is he ever gunna come bak, im starting to consider what you said tom

Comment by Noah

He posted on the forums a couple days ago.

Comment by Evilpro

I say he are dead. sad face =(

Comment by D-thunda

Not dead.

*goes to check*

Oh, I was dead. But I respawned. Updates tonight.

Comment by 7th Columnist

argh!zombie! lol, joking. I’ll check back tomorrow after school. btw, happy b-day me!

Comment by D-thunda

Maybe…. he was infected by the flood. Went Rampant. then jumped of Bungie towerss and squished Marty. :)

Finally a new post soon.

Comment by Wiplash ll7

I thought you were updating? that was 2 days ago. oh well.

Comment by D-thunda

He died again

Comment by Evilpro

It got me a killing spree

Comment by Evilpro

it got me a rampage :D

Comment by D-thunda

ummm…will the updates come this tonight?

Comment by Noah

hello? *echoes*

Comment by D-thunda

……the guy gets married, forgets about the REAL love of his life……

Halo misses you, 7th.

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

lest we forget…

Comment by D-thunda

I’m coming back guys. Honest. I’ve just moved house and changed jobs within the industry, so it’s been a hell of a time recently.

Still, I’m settled now, and can excite and wow again. 100% new update tonight.

Comment by Mike (at work)

oh yeah, you’re wroking on hydrophobia arent you?

hmm, that’s gotta be time consuming. still, no one has time these days…

Comment by D-thunda


Comment by Evilpro

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