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Casting Call
February 15, 2008, 10:44 am
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Ok, as you’ve all been aware these past few months my schedule has become busier and busier. And while I’ve no intention of resigning 7thColumnist, the Halo love is after all built into my central nervous system – the site is suffering in terms of updates.

I’ve some big plans coming soon (like, this weekend) but before that all kicks off it’s time to tackle this problem head on… with a little casting call.

7th Columnist is looking for writers/bloggers to join the team and help continue to make the site the number one place to go for Halo news and exclusive content.

It’s not a paid position, but certainly does have it’s perks. Although we’re based in the in the UK, potential staff can be anywhere (I ain’t picky). The only requirement is that you’re able to post regularly, can write coherently, and most importantly have an overwhelming passion for videogames, Bungie and all things Halo.

Think this might be you? Drop us a line using the contact form with the following good stuffs:

  • A little bit about yourself.
  • A short Halo-themed article on anything you wish.
  • Why you’d be the perfect candidate to join the team.

For those applying, consider this step one on a long winding journey to awesome. For everyone else – get ready, 7th Columnist is ch…ch…changing!


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it would be nice if I could do this, but I simply don’t have the time. sad face :(

by any chance, did you get the ‘ch…ch…changes’ line from flight of the conchords? they’re kiwis like me. :D

Comment by D-thunda

I’m your man Mike! Get ready for DEL360X’s Halo 3 Shenanigans!

The 7th Columnist’s
Seventh Writer

Comment by DEL360X

i would so wanna do this but im only online on the weekends and im to lazy to apply
Sry mike

Comment by Noah

Can I has job?

Comment by DEL360X

I’l send it to you over XBL

Comment by L Nixon

I sent you a form i hope you put it into good consideration i love this website!!!

Comment by bluegus

there, I sent a form in. wish me luck everyone!

Comment by D-thunda

Yay Thunda!

Comment by Walla

I hope you die! >_<

Comment by DEL360X

That’s not very nice!

Comment by Walla

whoops! wrong place.

Goodluck D-thunda!

Comment by DEL360X

Whoops! Posted in wrong place.

Goodluck D-Thunda!

Comment by DEL360X

Uh huh. Suuure. ;)

Comment by Walla

lol, “I hope you die”, man, why are so many people angry with me lately?
whens mike gonna decide anyway?

Comment by D-thunda

mike goes on suicide missions with a one month respawn time.

Comment by DEL360X

I bet waiting to respawn is pretty boring.

Just sitting there, staring at your body(or what’s left of it) for a month.

Comment by Walla

and the month goes by…

Comment by D-thunda

I can haz update?

Comment by D-thunda

update plz


Comment by Walla

Hey Mike, I’ll give you a cookie if you update the site.

Comment by DEL360X

*cookie goes stale*

Comment by D-thunda

Oh, how I would… but I can’t, I couldn’t, and I’m jsut too freakin’ lazy. Oh well. Nice use of photoshop on the pic by the way =P.

Comment by Marginis

let me help out Mike, and update you guys.

*Heroic Map Pack is now FREE!
*Legendary Map Pack is on Marketplace on April 15!
*Legendary Map Pack maps announced!
-Ghost Town

– DEL360X

Comment by DEL360X

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