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Even More Halo Games
May 18, 2008, 6:17 pm
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Halo-Battle, a French php-based strategy game set in the Halo universe, is now online and open for business.

There’s not a great deal for us to go on with regards to the game as of yet thanks to the language barrier (it’s all in French at the moment, though a translation is in the works), but after choosing which side you want to fight for (Covenant and Human) you’ll be tasked with building mining facilities to gain resources, labs to research further technology, creating a fleet to protect your race against the enemy and more strategy-based jiggery.

You’ve got to sign up to participate, but it’s certainly worth a look. Especially if you happen to be fluent in French.

Meanwhile, Dobermann (who created the awesome side scrolling Halo shooter, Halo Zero a few years back) has released a public beta test for Halo Zero 2. Allowing you to try out some of the weapons featured, as well as checking out the new AI for Covenant enemies, this exciting project is a must for all those wishing for some Halo Xbox Live Arcade action. The beta has joypad support for 4 buttons or more (built around the use of a 360 controller) and though limited at this point, is a good sign of things to come.

Planned features for Halo Zero 2 include:

Online Co-op
Mini-games and more…

Grab the download here and pass on your feedback to the team in the forums. For those that missed out, you can grab the original Halo Zero here.

With so much work going into these fan made creations, and results as good as this, they more than deserve your time.


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PRAISE JESUS! He’s alive! How did you survive the spawn point in hell?

Frist, btw!

Comment by Chewy8126

It seems the spawn point has changed location. He’s finaly back! I told you changing teams will help!

Comment by The kid the ESRB warned you about.

But now he’s not on our team anymore!


Comment by Walla

zomg. mike is back!

*everyone joins hands and sings ‘welcome back’*

Comment by D-thunda

How long did it take exactly, thunda?

Comment by Walla

Blue Team, Flag Returned.

Comment by The kid the ESRB warned you about.

more updates soon? Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly?

Comment by The kid the ESRB warned you about

It took approximately 2 months and 29 days for a new update. the more you know!

Comment by D-thunda

It’s good to learn!

Comment by Walla

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