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Forge Focus – Arctic Horror
May 18, 2008, 4:48 pm
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In the first Community Forge Focus here at 7th Columnist, where we take a particularly well made, original, or downright hilarious community creation and share it with the masses (that’s you lot), we’re looking at Arctic Horror by Cptn Bumbles.

Since the realease of Halo 3 back in September, we’ve seen some fantastic forged variants come out of the community. From maps to gametypes, good to bad, practical to aesthetic – a whole heap of bases have been covered. Coming up with something genuinely new then, is in itself most of the challenge.

With Arctic Horror, Cptn Bumbles has created a monster. Literally. A gigantic Spartan-crushing behemoth that’ll flatten anyone attempting to crown themselves the new King of the Hill.

You wouldn\'t like him when he\'s angry.

What starts out as a farily average game of King of Hill on Avalanche, quickly takes a turn for the worse when the sound of Assault Rifles firing awakens the Arctic Horror.

Cleverly using timed events to make him appear, the Arctic Horror slowly climbs the cliff face.

As his eyes move to get a better view of where you’re standing, it’s worth knowing he’s prett darn pissed at you for disturbing his slumber. At this point, it’s probably worth re-thinking you’re strategy when it comes to securing the freshly moved hill.

Blammo! Out of nowhere, his huge menacing (and MJOLNIR crumpling) arm comes crashing down on to the Hill, killing anyone unlucky enough to be hanging around.

The first time you see it, you’ll be amazed, and probably killed. But you you can’t fault the ingenuity.

You’ll need to tweak a few settings for the events to occur correctly, these should be as follows:

Gametype: King of the Hill
Game Length: Four minutes
Hill Movement: Two minutes
Score limit: Unlimited

Grab the map here.

Download it, invite a few friends over for a simple game of King of the Hill, then watch as they get slaughtered by an 80ft tall Traxus monster. It’s priceless.

If anyone else out there has a unique forged creation out there they think is worthy of shouting about, we’d love to see it – so be sure to get in touch.


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Hugs all around! He’s alive! Unfortunately, you’re a little too late. A lot of people gone to the “new place.”

Comment by Chewy8126

Chewy! get yourself over to the 7th columnist colonies now! It’s waaaay better than the old forum.

Comment by LAnce StAr

The “new place” links to this place, silly. We’re all still here.

That map is amazing.

Comment by Walla

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