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Haunted Manor and Living Dead
May 23, 2008, 12:28 pm
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Matchmaking’s latest Double XP Weekend is now in full swing and sees the triumphant return of the Living Dead playlist. Both the Legendary and Heroic map packs are required for entry, but it’s definitely worth the admission price once you see some of the more innovative map variants available for playing everyones favourite Infection gametypes.

One map in particular that seems to be generating a lot of a attention is Sikamikanico’s Foundry-based forge creation, Haunted Manor.

Holed up inside the cramped interior of the creepy desolate building, the last remaining survivors must fight off the oncoming zombie horde using eveything they can to stay alive, invariably heading for the roof.

Survivors spawn in the lounge of the house, surrounded by debris and make-shift barricades. Some will choose to defend the windows and other ways in, but the risks are high as a well timed zombie jump and slice makes light work of unsuspecting players. Head to the rooftops and there’s two machine gun turrets as a reward. These DON’T respawn though (and there are no weapon pick-ups), so think carefully before you rip one off its stand. Zombies have access to regular spawning Active Camo, just to keep things interesting and if they’re quick enough can make their way into the mansion’s attic before the survivors, insuring a healthy amount of carnage.

As with every Infection game, every shot counts and survivors are gonna have to work together if they want to remain in the land of the living.

This has to be one of the finest forged Infection maps we’ve seen here at 7th Columnist as it not only looks the business, but plays incredibly well to boot. Check the video below for a greater look – but better yet, hop onto matchmaking and try it for yourself.

The Living Dead playlist will be live in matchmaking until Monday the 26th at 2am PDT, but those wanting to try out Haunted Manor in a more custom setting can download the map, and Sikamikanico‘s accompanying ‘Undead Horde’ gametype below:

Map: Haunted Manor
Gametpye: Undead Horde


Sikamikanico has chimed in to let us know that when dishing out props for this phenomenal map we should also consider KingBartlett, who equally contributed to its creation. Great work guys!


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Hey dudes, it’s Sik here – glad you like the map, and thanks for the positive review!

One small amendment though – I didn’t make it alone – equal credit needs to be given to my co-creator, KingBartlett (That’s his GT)


Comment by Sikamikanico

Oops! Updated. Sorry for missing that, Sik.

Comment by 7th Columnist

No worries – it’s appreciated, and again, thanks for the awesome review! If you fancy some infection, Bart and I will be online tonight around 1am GMT.

Comment by Sikamikanico

Awesome map!

Comment by Walla

I love this map. thanks sik!!

Comment by D-thunda

Awesome map, I just don;t like the camo.

Comment by Evilpro


Comment by Eye!

best map ever

Comment by constantine466

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