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Red beats Blue
June 12, 2008, 6:02 pm
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Red Rulez! Blue Suks! Ever wondered why blue and red have been at each other’s throats all these years? Of course you have. And while we’re no closer to the answer behind that particular conundrum, we do now have a better idea of who’s ultimately winning this epic battle. Apparently, it’s the reds.

According to a study published this week in the journal Cyberpsychology & Behavior, from looking at Epic’s Unreal Tournament, Neuroscientist Mihai Moldovan of the University of Copenhagen, has deduced players are more likely to be on the winning side in combat if they choose red as opposed to blue.

Moldovan and his team studied the outcomes of 1,347 matches between “elite” teams of red and blue. The outcome? A shocking 55 percent of the time, red team won. Moldovan beleives the reason for this is that the colour red acts as a possible “psychological distractor” to men that can effect performance.

With that in mind, is it now worth thinking about changing our traditional team colours to something a little more evenly balanced?

Not according to Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games; “While this is really an interesting analysis, the notion of red team versus blue team has been ingrained in the Unreal Tournament series for years. We don’t anticipate any immediate changes to team colors.”

So that’s that then, interesting, but no real biggie. Just something else to throw into an argument justifying your performance in last night’s bitter capture the flag game. “Come on! I was on blue team!” It was unfair to start with.

Teams! Teams!


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HAW HAW!!! Frist postedddd!

But seriously, the percent is not very significant. I believe that it is merely chance – the players on the red team may simply have just been better players. That is a constant that is impossible to control. (Unless, of course, you could program an AI to act exactly like the player without copying them).

Comment by chewy8126

Hey, my profile on Halo 3 is red

Comment by Master Tricks

I should repaint my armor, just to be safe.

Comment by Walla

Wow. I knew that red was the best color in the world. And this is the proof I needed. :D

Comment by AdjustantReflex

Ah, this explains everything. I’m not crap at all it’s just that i use blue armour. Glad that’s cleared up then! :P

Comment by Corran Beta

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