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Halo Crusades, Browser RPG
June 17, 2008, 2:05 pm
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You awake to find yourself in the universe of Halo… Many have their own paths, as you, yourself must forge.

I’ve recently had an incredibly large portion of my time eaten up and spat out over at Halo Crusades, a new Halo RPG that has recently set up shop.

Halo Crusades is a fan-made browser-based role playing game that allows gamers to create and train a character from the Halo universe and live out their life as either a Spartan or Elite. Being browser based the game is almost entirely text led, and so a far cry from the likes of Halo 3, requiring an active imagination by its users – but don’t let that put you off. While it may not be for everyone, early signs of success are strong as already thousands of members have signed up to the site and are regularly training their the characters and battling it out with others.

If you’ve yet to give it a try, and need something to fill up the hours between busy matchmaking sessions (at work or school, maybe), I highly recommend you swing by the site to see what all the fuss is about. It may not be that much of a looker, but its link-clicking gameplay is far more addictive than you’d think.

Come join us online here. If we can get enough cash together in game we’ll start up a 7th Columnist clan.


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I too have wasted a nice amount of time on halo crusades…
its a great game with lots of potential…
its even good for getting your halo clan/site out…
thats how I found this blog…

Comment by Mondo Jay

It’s an addicting game. No doubt about that.

Comment by AdjustantReflex

click plox http://www.halocrusades.com/?p=page&x=3506

Comment by Evilpro

I wondered who’d be the first to post their link here, Evilpro. hehe.

Comment by 7th Columnist

lol u killed me :P

Comment by Evilpro

Well, I fought you. I didn’t know the outcome before hand. You made it sound like I snuck up on you while you were sleeping. ;)

Comment by 7th Columnist

What weapon and shields do you have?

Comment by Evilpro

Just an Assault Rifle and Overshield. There’s a thread started up in 7th Columnist Colonies for Halo Crusades, come on over.

Comment by 7th Columnist

thats mine :)

Comment by johnspartan117

I pwnt Evilpro twice now. The first time he attacked me. lololol

Comment by Walla

& mine…

Apparantly i was teabagged…& no scoped


Comment by AfroSamurii


Comment by carpy444

that was mine =)

Comment by carpy444

Comment by Dude

*Today, Scot (the admin of Halo Crusades) forgot to pay the bill for his domain, so Halo Crusades is temporarily down*

Comment by chewy8126

Might as well get in on the link action myself:

Comment by Lekku

At my last post: nvm, Scot didn’t forget to pay the bill. At any rate, it was only down for a short time and it is fixed now.

Comment by chewy8126

Can someone help me with the legendary cards? Email me at Bluntsharp@hotmail.com
i will be glad to give money for these secrets :D

Comment by Josh

Click pls :D :http://www.halocrusades.com?p=page&x=9346

Comment by NoB0dY

sry, I didn’t know that you have to make links manually…


Comment by NoB0dY

ok… It’s not working

Comment by NoB0dY

It’s gone.

As of this moment, on http://www.halocrusades.com, there is only a message by Admin Scot, saying that the server’s files (including his backups) were corrupted, as with almost three fourths of the data on his computer :(

However, he also said that he (and the rest of the Halo Crusades staff) would try to get Halo Crusades back up as soon as possible.

Of course, that may take some time, but oh well! :D

Comment by chewy8126

It’s back up now.

Comment by The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Whoops nevermind :P

They got files from mid-August, and are going to be updating it again.

Comment by chewy8126

Cortana card can be found by suiciding repetidly it is a random thing that happens.

Master Cheif is goten by going to help.

Comment by party pooper

sorry but im sick of their being no place were this is actually said

Comment by party pooper

yeah its awesome. too bad about the server crash tho… >.<

Comment by burgermeizter


mine =)

Comment by Elite Sentry

Mine is


Comment by sam

where is the skull card found at

Comment by Tavon

Join me on Halo Crusades!

Comment by Yung

The creator is very cocky and very strict

if you go out of line you are instantly banned and your account is deleted

i personally was a paid member and if it wasn’t only a $10 subscription i would have sued the creator

Comment by Nick


Comment by Kenddrick


Strongest in the game. :P

yeah it’s addictive…

Comment by Fury

hers 3 of the cards

Cortana: Suicide about 15 times
Mister Cheif: go to the help page
Recon: go to Frankie’s bar and beat the puzzle …drink the beer in this order 4,6,5,4,5,3,4

now… wheres the skull one?


i heared the skull 1 is the kill 1,000 people

Comment by tyler webster


Thats my one…….
Plz click and signup

Comment by Someone


remember, we are always watching you….

Comment by omb1e

my “z” got cut -.-

but yea.. you know what i mean

Comment by zomb1e

Check out http://Halo-Origins.com A New MMORPG Browser Strategy Game Based Off Halo

Comment by Cyrax

Ck out http://Halo-Origins.com Browser MMORPG Strategy Game Based Off the Halo Series

Comment by Zack


Comment by Brandon

You’re All Sad To Be Playing A Rubbish Game Like This – Do Yourselves A Favour And Buy A Xbox And Play The Real Halo Games Where You Actually Do Something

Comment by U R Sad

it r dead bungie killed it

Comment by hi

………THIS FAILS SO HARD………..would you believe i wasted my time to register at the halo forums just to say that to them?GOD THIS GAME IS BULLSHIT

Comment by Brandon

How do i make an account because i’m on here but don’t know where to start

Comment by Denver

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