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Cold Storage Vs Chill Out
June 22, 2008, 12:52 am
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Now that Bungie have released a couple of hi-res shots of forthcoming Halo 3 map, Cold Storage, we’re able to get a much better feel for the level and its vintage roots. Being yet another remake of an older map from the series (following in the footsteps of the likes of Avalanche, Blackout and Last Resort) we’ve of course, seen this all before. Well, some of it.

Bungie has a habit of re-imagining rather than recreating, and although first impressions from the shaky-cam footage of last weeks MLG unveiling seem promising, you never can be too sure. So just how true to the original Chill Out is this reincarnation exactly? Let’s take a quick look…

When comparing the two existing shots of Cold Storage to similar shots from Halo’s Chill Out we can see things are looking very familliar indeed, certainly in terms of layout.

Screen One
Screen Two

As you can see from the first shot, the needler balcony and opposing window are both where they should be, as is the teleporter (now a cool electric blue) and even the subtle ramp into the next room.

The second shot differs a little more, down primarily to Halo 3’s 360-charged graphics engine adding a whole new spin in terms of decorators, but you can clearly see the same geometric setup underneath. Note the teleporter for reference, and the narrow passage way stretching off up and to the left sitting right where we remember.

One thing that seems clear from the new screens is that there’s a certain amount of backstory being lent to Cold Storage from within the Halo universe. Exactly what the setting is is unknown, but it appears to be some sort of reserach laboratory, possibly experimenting with the Flood. Bungie have teased us ever so gently with the captions listed under each image in the B.net gallery, speaking of failed research and asking what exactly is that GLaDOS-like device hanging on the ceiling, but that’s about it.

According to Luke in the latest Bungie Update, we can expect a whole bunch of new Smuggler Cold Storage information next week. And with Bungie Day creeping up on us, we wouldn’t be entirely suprised if it even makes its way out then as an extra special gift to the community. For now though, time will be doing all the telling. But if these shots, the video footage, and impressions coming out of San Diego last week are all to be believed, then Cold Storage appears all set to be a fantastically faithfull recreation of a classic Halo map – all glossed up an next gen’d appropriately. We can hardly wait.

Hats off to Omega for grabbing the images.


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First Comment! WooT! and that’s neat, didnt recognize it as a teleporter. Electric Blue!

Comment by Bryan Ojeda

You stole my first comment ritual, you sun of a bitch!

Nice find, though, 7th. Blackout is also very similar to Lockout, and I think that those two maps (Blackout and Lockout) might just be exactly alike, except for the different placement of light and textures.

Comment by chewy8126

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Comment by sandrar

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