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Machinima Green Screen Tools
June 23, 2008, 4:04 pm
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Good news for Halo 3 machinimators today, as iGuardian has managed to create the perfect green screen setup for chroma keying. Using his technique you’ll be able to effectively place your characters over any backdrop just like George Lucas and his boys over at Industrial Light & Magic.

Basically, what he’s done is managed to get a teleporter set up to whisk you off to the outer limits of multiplayer map, Guardian. The process is simple enough, and once completed you’ll be treated to nothing but green… in terms of backdrop, perfect for some green screen compositing. He’s even put together this handy tutorial video showing how it’s done:

Simple eh? Hat’s off to iGuardian for coming up with and executing this idea. I’ve no doubt it’ll prove invaluable to many an ambitious machinimator out there. How long before we see a Halo weather report?

The forged map variant is available to download here. Go grab it and make something cool!


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very cool stuff…
this will be very useful for alot of people…
hopefully we see some good uses for it soon…
nice find 7

Comment by Mondo Jay

Hmmm, I could see this very handy for my series.

Comment by GUNNY

freakin sweet, I’m goiing to have to start makin some movies

Comment by Anthony

Thanks for the informative post.The beauty of a green screen is that you can pretty much set it up anywhere, as long as there are at least six feet between the interviewee and the backdrop. In the case of a dancer or a troupe of dancers moving and leaping, you would need to use a studio and have an entire wall and floor painted green. But for a simple interview with the subject placed in a chair, you will not need to rent a studio; you can get away with smaller quarters.

Comment by americanmovieco

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