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Halo Kart, Lego, Arcade… anyone?
June 25, 2008, 5:49 pm
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It’s all too easy to take something too far isn’t it? It happened with Star Wars, it happened with the Lethal Weapon films, and now that Bungie have jumped ship leaving Master Chief in the hands of the money-gobbling Microsoft, it’ll almost certainly happen with Halo.

We’ve known for sometime now that more Halo games were in the works, what with Halo Wars getting a larger unveil at E3 in the coming weeks and Peter Jackson’s Halo Chronicles apparently doing… something. But recent findings support the terrifying idea of Microsoft going into the dairy business, milking Halo for all it’s worth.

Take a look below at the recently sent out marketing survey to see exactly what it is we’re rabbiting on about. Incidentally, you may want to sit down for this.

Now, admittedly this is nothing more than a simple survey, testing the opinions of Halo fans out there and their susceptibility to more from the franchise, but seriously… A Halo Racing game? And what exactly is ‘a more family friendly’ Halo game?

While the prospect of more from our favourite franchise is an appealing one, it’s gotta be done correctly. Halo Wars is looking good. Talk of a Halo prequel is interesting. We’d even welcome an MMO. But under no cirmcumstances can the 7th Columnist condone the thinking behind a Halo entrant to the Lego series. Not at all.

Where would you like to see Master Chief’s adventures taken in the future? Do any of these ideas appeal to you? Microsoft are interested, and so are we. Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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I’d actually love a Halo MMO. I’ve loved the idea since the rumor of it’s existence was started a long time ago.

It’d be awesome. I was thinking like WWII Online, only less crappy.

And they couldn’t pay me to play a Halo Lego game. However.. a racer.. I don’t know. If it was like Mario Kart then hell no. But I’m a fan of mongoose racing on forged tracks so I can’t really say I wouldn’t play a Halo racer if it was done right.

Comment by Walla

I would play
-Halo MMO
-New shooter where you dont play as Master Chief(maybe another SPARTAN)
-Halo Wars
-Squad based Halo game
-New Halo shooter that takes place before the existing Halo trilogy
-New Halo shooter that is an extension of Halo 3
-(maybe)Halo racing
-(maybe)3rd person Halo action-adventure game

A Halo MMO sounds good, free-roam world where you can team up with other SPARTANS, against a pack of Hunters, or Brutes. And you can still change you armor…. sounds good to me.

Comment by Darren

That wouldn’t really make any sense though.

I was thinking like WWII Online, only (obviously)in the Halo universe. On some contested planet, earlier in the war. People playing as either UNSC troops or Covenant forces, fighting eachother for control of cities and stuff.

Comment by Walla

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