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Cold Storage From Above
June 28, 2008, 12:32 am
Filed under: Downloads, Gaming, Halo, Halo 3, Multiplayer, New Content, News

Bungie’s Weekly Update has arrived, bringing with it fresh information regarding new multiplayer map (and hotly tipped Bungie Day gift) Cold Storage.

Those hoping for a bunch of new screens and/or perhaps a video of the latest map in action will be slightly disappointed, as it would seem we’ll have to wait yet another week for goodies of that nature. What we have been treated to however is an overhead look at the remake, giving us a better idea of its overall layout and a detailed look at its standard weapon placements.

Shotgun fans don’t panic, it is included – just left off the overhead shown here, due to basic Bungie incompetence. When shipped you’ll be able to find it lurking behind the column on the left sporting the number 2. Chill.

One thing that may cause alarm though, is the (obvious) inclusion of equipment on the map, as it’ll be interesting to see how the addition effects Cold Storage during play. After all, many believe Blackout’s inferiority to Halo 2’s Lockout is for this reason alone. Will we see a similar occurance here?

Other news this week includes the studio’s plans for PAX; marking the return of the Bungie Fanfest, the promise of more limited edition gamerpics and a theme for Bungie Day, info on the new Content License Transfer Tool issued by Microsoft – allowing you to easily transfer your download purchases to a new Xbox 360 machine if need be, and a look at July’s matchmaking update (Ranked Big Team Battle survives another month!).

For a bigger and better look at the Cold Storage overheads, not to mention all the news straight from the source, go take a look at the update yourself over at B.net.


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