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Cold Storage to be released 7/7?
June 28, 2008, 4:10 pm
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Those thinking this week’s Bungie Update was a little light on Cold Storage information may want to look again, as it would seem that along with bringing us a lovely overhead look at the map, this week’s update also contained something of a tease regarding a possible release date, and an extra special bonus to go along with it.

When discussing July’s matchmaking updates, in particular forthcoming changes to the Double EXP weekends, a supposed ‘error’ alludes to something very interesting indeed:

Double EXP (Listed in order of appearance)

• Fourth of July – A collection of Flag, Rockets, and VIP. 5v5.
• Fiesta – FFA featuring random weapon spawns. 8 Players.
• Grifball – Updated to use the Summer League map. 4v4.
• Team Snipers – No changes from June. 4v4.
• Team Melee – Sword and hammer-centric slayer and

…Attempting Recovery…
…Attempting Recovery…
• Head2@!#SWa#++-DL*SLAj3r
• 48hr0x0ABFFFFF [ERR 5929]

As you can see, the weekend playlist for the week following the fourth of July (just a few days after Bungie Day) isn’t listed. Instead we’re treated to garbled system message only 93% complete. From what we can tell, hidden inside are the words:

Cold Storage, Head 2 Head, Swat, DLC Slayer, 48hr

Whilst nothing is confirmed, we reckon it’s a pretty safe bet we’ll be seeing Cold Storage released free of charge this Bungie Day – July 7th; along with a new set of exclusive gamerpics and dashboard theme, and a classic Halo celebration Double EXP weekend following later in the week.

Bungie, now you’re just spoiling us.


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I heard rumors that Cold Storage will only be released on 7/7 only if the community get the Halo 3 campaign kill count to 7 billion before July 7th. Is that true?

Comment by Darren

Nothing official has been said Darren, so I wouldn’t worry. It sure would be nice if we could reach that colossal figure by the 7th. Not least as it would mark one hell of an achievement by the commnunity. Sadly though, after some heavy number-crunching, it seems unlikely that we will.

Will Bungie hold back the map because of it? Not a chance.

Comment by 7th Columnist

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