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Cold Storage – Free!
July 3, 2008, 6:20 pm
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Confirmed. Cold Storage, the latest multiplayer map to be added to Halo 3 and remake of the classic Chill Out – will arrive as DLC on Bungie Day, Monday, 7/7…for free. FREE.

We called it. From the secret playtesting taking place on Xbox Live, to the hidden coded message in last weeks update, we always knew this was gonna happen. Bungie Day just wouldn’t be Bungie Day without some love dealt out by the studio, and this year is no different. In fact, this Monday, we’re being spoilt.

The latest Bungie Weekly Update has hit early over at B.net and is literally rammed with tantalising info on all the goodies heading our way next week in celebration of the studio:

Cold Storage will be available for free beginning on July 7, Bungie Day, on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Don’t forget to grab the one-day-only free gamerpics and theme on 7/7.

Beginning on July 7, there will be a 48-hour long seven-player FFA playlist in Halo 3’s Matchmaking where you can turn the calendar back to 2001 and control l Rockets, Invis and Snipe.

For now, Cold Storage will be implemented in regular rotation in playlists that require the Legendary Maps. To avoid confusion, playlists that previously required the Legendary Maps will now remind players that they need “all Maps” to participate, and since Cold Storage is free, it shouldn’t be a big deal for you to grab the map on July 7 and then return to your regularly scheduled business in SWAT.

Additionally, on 7/7, Microsoft is dropping the price of the Legendary Map Pack from 800 spacebucks to 600 spacebucks. That price drop does mean that purchases after 7/7 will no longer include the Bungie Pro bonus.

Other stuff mentioned in the update is the return of the Bungie Podcast; also hitting on BDay, a stern warning to those with modified content and/or hacked saves in fileshare, words of encouragement to all attempting to up theoverall campaign kill count to 7 million; and the tease of something else coming today (our money’s on a Cold Storage video).

Get over to Bungie.net and start punching the air. Christmas has come early.


Bungie have delivered on their final promise for the day, posting a brand new ViDOC focusing on Cold Storage entitled ‘On the Seven7h Day’. Luke and Shiska have a stab at some homegrown machinima and talk design, differences, pricing and playlists whilst showing off a few of the maps more interesting features.

Hi-res copies for you to download and keep can be found here.


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Comment by Bob

thanks for using my uploaded copy of the video documentary

Comment by SGT Hartsock

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