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Cold Storage available NOW!
July 7, 2008, 9:28 am
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It’s here, along with the updated matchmaking playlist especially for Bungie Day – Icy Treats – incorporating the new map and a variety of different gametypes (in particular look out for infection).

We’ll have more news a little bit later on all the celebrations and goodies coming out of Bungie HQ this fine day, but right now, forgive us – it’s time to go Chill Out on Cold Storage! We hope to see you there.


Don’t forget to grab the limited edition Bungie Day ’08 gamerpics and dashboard theme from Xbox Live Marketplace too!

These are available exclusively for today only, after which they shall be gone forever. Don’t miss out!


A quick Q&A for Cold Storage has been posted over at Bungie.net, with answers coming direct from some of the guys who worked on the map.


The Bungie Podcast has returned! With an extra special Bungie Day edition of the show, Luke and Brian sit down with numerous guests, featuring the likes of: Lars Bakken (Designer), Shishka (Designer), Allen Murray (Producer), Joe Tung (Producer), Jerome Simpson (Security), Chris Carney (Mission Architect) and Steve Lopez (IT Manager) That’s a lot of Bungie, this is a lot of chatter.


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yay! I have all that stuff! except the podcast…

Comment by D-thunda

So in the new podcast they mentioned stuff happening on Monday(the start of E3 and the day of Microsoft’s press conference). What could it be? The rumor mill says new game.

I’m hoping they’re finally gonna have a release date for Pimps at Sea!

Comment by Walla

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