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Halo “Blue” Hitting this September?
July 14, 2008, 11:40 am
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Now this is interesting. E3 starts tonight, kicking off with the Microsoft Press Conference where we can defintely expect some sort of Halo-based announcement, maybe even a few. In time honoured tradition of the expo, rumours are flying about all over the place, steadily gaining weight at every turn… and Halo is no exception.

The latest concerns a tip off from a source at Wal-Mart who has sent in an image apparently taken from the company’s intranet, showing a bizarre listing for Halo “Blue” and a release date of September 30th 2008.

Exactly what “Blue” is, is a mystery, though we here at 7th Columnist – judging from the Wal-Mart source – reckon it’s more likely to be a special edition version of the game (perhaps including previous and forthcoming map packs) or even a stand alone map pack expansion similar to what Microsoft released for Halo 2 rather than a new game itself.

With E3 starting in just a matter of hours, what would you like to see from the Halo series?

The list goes on. And all that’s without thinking even thinking about Bungie, who may not even be working on something Halo related, but have certainly teased us with the prospect of an announcement of some sort.


It’s going to be a very exciting press conference ths year…


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Wow, has anyone else seen the “we’ll be back momentarily” page when you try and access bungie.net? Anyone know what its about?

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