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Halo Wars E3 Cinematic
July 14, 2008, 9:13 pm
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While Microsoft’s Press Conference failed to provide us with any Bungie or Halo related announcements (looks like we’ll have to wait until Wednesday morning for that), the guys over at Ensemble Studios have posted a brand new cinematic trailer for the forthcoming RTS, Halo Wars.

Entitled ‘Five Long Years’ the entirely pre-rendered trailer gives a short minute-and-half glimpse of the five year struggle faced by the UNSC as they battle the Covenant for the first time, and sets up more of the overall Halo Wars narrative.

Though they may not reveal all that much about the game, the Halo Wars trailers thus far have been nothing short of spectacular – delivering hefty amounts of emotional grit, whilst fleshing out the Halo universe. If nothing else, they showcase even further the massive potential for a big budget Halo movie. Bungie, Microsoft, Peter Jackson, whoever… you have got to make this happen.


It would seem there’s a whole bunch of new Halo Wars screenshots and renders over at the site too.

**UPDATE 2**

An updated FAQ lets slip news that the Covenant are indeed playable in the game and we can expect a full retail release sometime during Spring 2009!


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Halo wars will be released on October the 1st 2008 and the covenant will only be playable in skirmish mode, dont beleive me watch the g4 preview movie.

Comment by matt

lol, I actually linked that on 7CC.

Comment by Walla

Also, they said spring in the G4 video. >.>

Comment by Walla

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