7th Columnist

July 14, 2008, 5:32 pm
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7:07:07 am PST, Wednesday morning. Looks like we’ll have an announcement.


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? I don’t get it.

Is this because of the press conference? :P

Comment by chewy8126

No news from Bungie during the Microsoft press conference, but strange goings on over at B.net point to an announcement this wednesday. Stay tuned.

Comment by 7th Columnist

I was expecting a bungie announcement. I even got up at 5.30 am so I could watch the microsoft press conference.

btw, new dashboard and avatars are real!omg!

Comment by D-thunda

The party system is pretty cool. Avatars.. Meh.

Comment by Walla

Isnt it obvious people are you blind to the signs…… Halo 4 real? its not only real its obvious onyl a day and 11 hours remain can you handle it i cannot

Comment by jokker12945


ok yes i agree its not down but i knew it could grab your attention but anyways the homepage is which makes the only logical outcome either halo 4 or and expamsion to finish the halo 3 plight such as when you play the game on legendary and you seee the cheif heading toward a “Setinal” world… wouldnt that make sense to actually finish the fight because what happens to the Cheif here you dont know but soon we will find out that we will play as him again in 1 day 10 hours and 15 min….

*excuse my spelling i am sorry

PS Notice the truth…. type in “halo blue” on google

Comment by jokker12945

Um, what makes you think it is obvious?

Comment by Walla

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