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Bungie Superintendent *IS* Halo Related
July 15, 2008, 1:39 am
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Ever since Bungie started throwing around their plumber-like Superintendent figure back in May, speculation as to what exactly the little fella referred to has been running wild. Many thought he was something to do with a totally new IP, separate to Halo.

An XBLA arcade game? A 2D mario-esque platformer? A Wii game?? Perhaps. Though with all the strange goings on over at B.net at the moment, new evidence suggests otherwise and that the cute green mascot is in fact, almost certainly, Halo related.

You see, he’s now turning up in Halo 3. As of right now, if you head into matchmaking and hit the start button you’ll notice things aren’t quite as they should be. The Cold Storage ad banner that usually displays is eerily scrambled, and features none other than the Superintendent himself (complete with a somewhat unhappy face) in the top right-hand corner. Click the image above for a full screenshot.

What does this mean exactly? We’re not sure, but we’re willing to bet this confirms his relation to the Halo series and not some other new property. New maps? Old maps? New features? Halo ‘Blue’??

We’ll have to wait and see, but now seems like a pretty good time to remind you of Luke’s parting comments in last week’s Bungie Update:

Future Tense

As a reader, I can only imagine just how frustrating it is to not have any new information just yet. Rest assured, dear vengeful, hypertense reader many things are in motion. Many things. These numerous things include the following:

-Major changes to the Halo 3 Online experience
-Sweet Announcements
-Poignant Clarifications
-Certain-point-of-view Truths
-Things you will love
-Things you will argue about
-Things you will make angry videos about

Something BIG is coming. And it’s coming to Halo 3.


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Awesome… Can’t wait…

Comment by Spartan A24

I agree, he has developed a presence and his passing is much improved.

Comment by Cecila Routt

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