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Microsoft confirm Bungie working on new Halo
July 16, 2008, 11:13 am
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Adding to the chaos of E3 surrounding Bungie’s big announcement and it’s sudden cancellation by Microsoft, a recently shot MTV interview with Microsoft’s head of Xbox business, Don Mattrick, confirms the developer are in fact working on a brand new Halo game.

During the interview, Stephen Totilo of MTV’s Multiplayer blog, asked Mattrick about the lack of Halo news at E3 to which he responded stating that Microsoft’s Monday press conference was already loaded with content and they didn’t feel any announcements for the series were necessary to get gamers excited.

When pushed for more details, inquiring if fans should be worried about the no-show of Ensemble Studio’s Halo Wars, not only did Mattrick say not to worry and that announcements would be coming, but that Microsoft is currently working with Bungie on a brand new Halo game. According to Totilo, who subsequently asked for clarification, this is not Peter Jackson’s Halo project or the aforementioned Halo Wars, but something different altogether.

So there we have it, not all bad news. The last 12 hours or so have been pretty dark for Bungie fans and the Studio alike, but we now know more Halo is coming.

Whether or not this is exactly what Bungie had been setting up to announce today remains unknown – they are after all, a large enough studio to be working on multiple projects – but we’re sure we’ll find out soon enough, along with exactly what form this new Halo title will take.


Totilo had one last tidbit of information to deliver regarding the project, echoing something we’ve mentioned before here at 7th Columnist:

Before everyone gets too excited, I should say I’ve heard some people other than Mattrick use the phrase “expansion pack” so we might not be talking about a full new game. I don’t know.

Watch this space.


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Even the mods are in on it on b.net

It’s all part of the ARG. Soon I will know for sure. I’m going to get the cached page showing the countdown still going, and when it reaches zero, if nothing happens, then that will show that the message was a hoax, put there as part of the ARG.

Comment by D-thunda


That’s the address that shows the timer still going. If nothing happens when it reaches zero, the message is a hoax. (although I could probably be disproved on this)

Comment by D-thunda

You use Yahoo, D-Thunda?

You disappoint me >:(

jkjk, but hell, looks like I was wrong in my post in the previous story.

Comment by chewy8126

O magical Halo Wars.

Comment by Jones

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