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Red Vs Blue: The Animated Series
August 30, 2008, 2:01 pm
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Wowser. Didn’t see this coming.

Rooster Teeth Productions, the guys behind Red Vs Blue, gave a short preview of an all new RvB during their PAX panel yesterday. Apparently set after the events of the currently running Reconstruction (though concrete details are sketchy), this is a brand new series following the exploits of Red and Blue team with a extra special twist… it’s animated!

Rooster Teeth are yet to update their website with the release, but we expect further details to follow soon. Leaving behind the traditional machinima approach and contraints of Halo 3 in favour of a more saturday morning anime style, this is a totally new direction for the RT guys. It looks incredible, and judging by the response of the crowd during the show, is set to be a sure fire hit.

What do you think? Have they gone too far, leaving behind their roots within the community, or are fully animated hand gestures just what the doctor ordered for this hapless troop of marines?


According to reports from PAX the new animated cartoon series is due to air following episode 19 of RvB: Reconstruction.


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Looks good – pretty funny – just hope they can maintain it once the initial excitement of it being animated rather than machinima wears off…

Comment by sarah


Comment by Master Tricks

Looks pretty funny for now, loved how the guys were getting their asses handed to them by grunts XD

Comment by Deathly Jester

awesome! the only reason they made it animated was so they could put covenant species in, though, i wouldn’t expect to see more :)

Comment by church

awesome! the only reason they made it animated was so they could put covenant species in, though, i wouldn’t expect to see more :) bob

Comment by church

DUDE, where is my car, i was in someone’s mom’s house and i was anal fisting her and when i was done doing that i went outside my car was missing. Can somebody help me

Comment by Ivanna Spanku

You were puching your mom? I hope you never get your car back….

Comment by Master Tricks

The other new maps are Orbital, Longshore, Citadel, Heretic, and Sandbox!


LoL I can’t wait!

Comment by jusT like hmf

Your shit fucking sucks. Your diary is so delayed and most of it has shit I already know.

Comment by Anon

No need to be rude ‘anon’ – you don’t like it, don’t read it, and if you’re gonna be an ass at least have the guts not to be ‘anon’ – you moron

Comment by sarah

I concur.

Comment by chewy8126


It’s a ghost town.

Comment by chewy8126

oh i so sorry “sarah” if i be alex does it make up for it? ha!

Comment by alex

wow when I saw this it blew my mind if its realim gunna watch it

Comment by Snider 029

Chewy, you should join the Colonies.

Comment by Walla

It’s so weird seeing them move their arms instead of having hold guns and nod and boggle their heads.
I really looking forward to it!

Comment by Lj

I thought they weren’t going through with this (Like, it was just a “Fling”), or that’s what I heard. But, that was like, several weeks ago, so, they could’ve changed their mind since then. Plus, I haven’t really visited the site since an eternity, and that doesn’t help either…

But, I wonder if Bungie will ever let them sell copies of this (Whenever that will be…) since this isn’t the traditional Machinima that they’ve been doing. For besides being animated and outside the realm of said Machinima, they also used Grunts n’ Jackals, which, could add to delays of capitalizing on this via Copyright Infringement. I’m not putting it down, I’m just saying, how will Bungie go through with this, if at all?

Otherwise, enjoy the sweet smell of Piracy for as long as it lasts. XD

Comment by Evanesca

Oh, I forgot to mention the use of weapons, too. Another item on the list, and probably a few others as well.

Comment by Evanesca

It looks excellent but i dont care if they did the show using action figures as long as Red Vs Blue returns.

Comment by Dar

“oh i so sorry “sarah” if i be alex does it make up for it? ha!”
Nice comeback al……The best one since the word “so”. Come on…atleast put some effort in it?

Comment by Martin

I love your site! :)

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

Comment by Michael Tim

Damn you and your inactive ways!

Comment by Walla

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Comment by Evilpro


Comment by Evilpro

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