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Stryke Force

Stryke Force is a comedy machinima series filmed entirely within the Xbox video game Halo. Visit the official site here.

Xbox World Magazine

“Absolutely worth a watch!”

Opening Credits
WMV – 8.3Mb here.

Episode One
WMV – 43.7Mb here.

Episode Two
WMV – 41.1Mb here.

Episode Three
WMV – 57.3Mb here.

Episode Four
WMV – 55.4Mb here.

Episode Five
WMV – 56.8Mb here.

Series Trailer
WMV – 4.9Mb here.

Holidays – ‘Happy New Year Murphy’
WMV – 27.3Mb here.

PSA – ‘We Need You’
WMV – 9.5Mb here.


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