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*REVEALED* Halo 3 New Custom Armour Types
May 27, 2007, 3:50 pm
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As we continue the search through the source files of the Halo 3 beta more and more interesting and revealing information keeps popping up.

Today we see new evidence of further customisation options of multiplayer characters, beyond that of different models like Spartan or Elite (as in Halo 2) and colour and emblem changes (seen in the beta so far) and instead, the exciting possibility of varying armour types and the ability for users to mix and match.


Cobra, Intruder, Ninja and Regulator seem to be new armour types available for Spartan use in multiplayer, with the standard default Mjolnir selectable of course too. What’s interesting is that seperate armour parts are listed for each of these new types also. Helmet, left and right shoulders, and body are all listed seperately suggesting players will be able to mix and match parts essentially building their own Spartan. This has been semi-hinted at before and Spartans with different coloured shoulder plates and helmets were spotted in the last Bungie released Vidoc.

It doesn’t end with Spartan models types though as similar listings are included for Elite use. Fewer options than the Chief, Elite players are offered the choice of new Predator or Raptor types, or the standard default.

While we expect the differences to be subtle and purely cosmetic, we can’t begin to express how awesome the possibilities are. Colours and emblems are great and all, but me…? I want some of that Cobra armour now!



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I honestly think those are the emblems, for somebody who knows how to get into Halo 3 content, but thinks that is new armor styles, Feel pity for you.

Comment by Tom

Ha Ha who got the last laugh on that one Tom!

Comment by Paul B.

Wow, you mean like dfferent Spartan and Elite models? At least we know that the elites are back.

Comment by LostprophetVII

Initially, that was my thought. But on further inspection it would seem these options are definately not for emblems.

Comment by 7th Columnist

I think Tom is right if you look at the name it has mp in it which can pretty much only mean one thing multiplayer

Comment by billy

Metropolitan Police. What now???

Comment by Joe

Perhaps this hints at inclusion of the spartan III’s or the third group of spartan II’s. Then again it may just different peices for a gametype. Doesnt infections change you to flood forms? This may work in similar way.

Comment by Linda 058

The spartan III’s have SPI armour. Why not have More? Geared toward different attributes. I reckon in campaign cheif will get forrunner armour.

Comment by Linda 058

I’m pretty sure it’s not for emblems simply because they wouldn’t list it for either spartans or elites. It’s not like spartans would choose from different emblems then elites. Customizable are would be sweet.

Comment by Chris

it could be new armor options as you mentioned or it could be absolutely nothing at all, simply leftover code that the programmers left and do not need to remove. All lot of these “revelations” have been discovered in the beta’s code and some of the ones i have heard have been pretty absurd. I ask people to not read into this too much for fear of being let down, and althought this would be cool take it with a grain of salt

Comment by litereddonut

To those saying it’s emblems:
It’s clearly not. Elites would not have seperate ones for one thing. Also There would be far, far more emblems listed, and not different versions of the same emblem for different body parts.

As for them being labeled as MP for multiplayer, I’d don’t think that’s evidence against custom armor parts.
I can think of the following reasons:
– were originally MP only features, so were labeled MP
– to distinguish between normal elite models and MP suit ones

Honestly, this would be a very minor addition and not a difficult one; They’d have to just slightly alter models, and since I’m POSITIVE they have concept art lying around, it can be used for variations. It wouldn’t be a hard thing to impliment either.

Users love customization. Bungie should know that more than enough by now. Given the ammount of work they’re apparently putting into Halo 3 to make it the definitive, awesomestive version, I don’t see how this isn’t plausible.

Comment by Anonymous Joe

Of course the elites are back. Yes it’s very very likely that different models for the elite and Spartans are available for multiplayer use(probably downloadable content for a price) If you remember in halo 2, the elites and brutes had different models depending on their rank.

Comment by Michael

Also, to go against the idea that they are emblems, note specifically that there are files that end with description. Why would they have description of emblems? I don’t need one for my spades emblem that I have now…

Comment by anon

It’s about time Bungie got their act together and added more character customisation. This is a positive start but I won’t be impressed until it is at the same level as Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Comment by Simon

I think it has to be armour, based on how few are listed and the fact that they are ascribed to elites and spartans specifically.

Imagine the DLC possibilities, new armour types that do different things, like alow bigger jumps or better active camo, or maybe even some sort of in built weapons like retractable plasma swords for the elite armour types.

Would have to be ranked only in the MP and would be hard to balance but very cool if it happened.

Comment by Fraser MacInnes

i dont think its emblems because of the description string or whatever and also the fact that there wouldnt be so many different helmet emblems…

Comment by owndizzld

Tom, you’re a moron. They’re not the emblems, or else there would be more than 4. You lose.

Comment by X.

I saw some spartans running around with differant helmet colors and differant sholder pads colors in the old leaked videos, and even saw one or two running around during the first day of the Beta. I garentee this is custom armor.

Fraser MacInnes–If they start releaseing DLC that gives someone an advangatge in Multiplayer, I will NEVER download another thing from XBL Market place, EVER. They can keep there MS Points, and DLC, if it starts going in that direction. I’m still PO’d about the Hourse Armor, and them runining my Crackdown game with a bunch of adds trying to get me to spend another $10.

Comment by lordravenblack

Does anyone know how to get the Beta onto your computer? Because I have a modding program to look at the Hex, and I really want to check all this out for myself and maybe find some new stuff out.

Hit me up if you know.

Comment by Confused

Makes sense considering when you go in to change your colors, you see a spartan that has more color variations to him than we are given in the Beta.

Comment by Brian Fantana

I think the new armor is cool it kind of reminds me of Rainbow 6 Vegas. This will definitly be a cool feature and i am looking forward to it

Comment by killarz007

The latest novel of the Halo series lends some info to this. Linda mentioned above from the novel that “The spartan III’s have SPI armour”. They also call that armor the Intruder armor in the book if you read it a few times through, or just carefully once. In the book that armor is weaker than the Mjolnir mark 5 armor, but it can do advanced cloak, and some other snazzy stuff. Speculatively speaking, I bet the new armor lends to new types of or changes in the spartan program that revolves around the program developing new systems to adapt against the covenant, et cetera.

Comment by arcgadion

yea so its been confirmed by gamepro


Comment by k

I’m going to put this on my blog for anyone who wants to know it’s

Comment by spartanb232


Comment by lala


Comment by tim


Comment by hi

Definately true… and exclusive in the official xbox 360 magazine proves it!!!

Comment by Teka

no but that is imposibll it has to be emblems because i am a big jerk who wants to ruin any hope that any human being has

Comment by RAlok


Comment by X

someone earlier said that mp stands for multi player so it has to be emblems. but when you customize your charater in halo2 it ONLY effects the multi game. so it would make sence that further customization would effect your multiplayer game only…oh yeah and the pictures of the customization lol

Comment by logic

what a bunch of idiots you all are , just look up custom armour in google and you’ll get a whole laundry list of magazines that show all the new armour styles. some euro magazine had the first copies of the armour. theres only like 4 diferent types. yall talkin about how there emblems , what a bunch of idiots. just do a lil research and youll find what your speculating about and more. jackasses.

Comment by bobby mac

haha Tom you are an idiot you arrogant prat.

Comment by walsh

Well in the Brute Chopper article, the first pic shows a spartan with a different helmet.

Comment by Norman

I saw some pics, looks like SPARTAN-III armor used by the SPARTAN-III’s on Onyx. I hope that i will see some SPARTAN-III’s in the Halo 3 campain, maybe play as Ash or someone. Yes there are more SPARTAN-II’s and some more SPARTAN-III’s. I think you should snag the new halo book before the game comes out, great read. =)

Comment by V-rone

aimed at bobby mac: you should do your research actually because in an interviews linked on gametrailers with bungie they say that not all the new custom armors are going to be revealed until halo 3 is released, so this could be custom armor.

Comment by noggin

Well check the Offcial 360 mag I think your shut up and drool as the pictures show them off next to the brute chopper

Comment by LeeStar UK

This is real theres multiple armor types with interchangeable pieces. The names given in the code aren’t the actual names more like the fictional nick names. The intruder spartan armor is actually the SPI (Semi-Powered Intrusive Armor) spartan 3 armor. Fictionally the SPI armor allows the user to use active camo but in MP it will be cosmetic only. Additionally the gamepro magazine shows us two new armors. EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity Armor) and CQB (Close Quarter Battle Armor).Which of those four nicknames fit into the above 2 armors? I don’t know but it doesn’t matter.

Comment by Ghostbuddy

Those are deffo Armour. Apparently their’s more than this tho?!

Comment by CAEDUS II

Ya, but are the armors only for online…or both online and splitscreen. Thats my question…and are they earnable or are they just there?

Comment by BigRedz

Bungie have said that the armours are unlockable.
They have not said HOW they are unlocked though.

Comment by D-Thunda

check bungie.net, it confirms that it is costumizable armour.

Comment by V Meister

bungie also say the armor’s unlockable through the single player game.

Comment by V Meister

understood, but can me and a few of my friends system link and use the armor on that or are we gonna have to go online? Thanx for responding.

Comment by BigRedz

It would be silly on Bungies behalf if you couldn’t.
I love system link and can’t wait to show my mates my custom spartan!

Comment by D-Thunda

my only question is: there will be system link support? i have a x360 lan house an i want to know

Comment by ncx

Of course there will be system link in halo 3.
System Link is still a very popular way of playing multiplayer, so I assume that it will be in the game.

Comment by D-Thunda

i agree wit D-Thunda, system link is a popular way of getting a large amount of people without online

Comment by BigRedz

Listen up!!!! the spartan armors are…
EVA-SPI armor but stronger and slightly modified. Weaker but faster.
Normal-self explanatory.
CQB- better than normal at close combat.

Comment by Orion

The armour changes are purely aesthetic, btw.
There isn’t a difference between them.

Comment by D-thunda

I bet anyone a million dollars that there will be more custom armor to choose from.
(although I do wish they would add a jetpack to halo 3 MP)

Comment by liquidus

bungie.net pretty much has answers to all ye questions,, is even literally says that there WILL be system-link (and system link co-op) and that, pay attention D-thunda, even though it says nothing about the shoulderpads and breastplate, it says that the helmets all have different effects, such as better handling in vehicles or better accuracy with AR/SMG

Comment by V Meister

actually v miester the armors are purly cosmetic and has no effect on players.

Comment by kenney727

damn people , i wish you all would pay attention, they have stated many times that the changes are purely austhetic, there will be no extra abilities in multiplayer, maby in single player , cause there are read outs on certain armors , but i promise u they are all the same in multi , Staten already said this in 2 seperate interviews, ill try n post them on here soon soo u guys can quit makin a fool of yourselves

Comment by distinguish

Halopedia also states it: there is EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) and CQB (Close Quarter Battle) armour.

you should ALL check here, under the link at the top “5.9 Player Customization” :

Comment by V Meister

I dont think these are just funny names, I think this prty much proves that the armour does, ffs, improve certain skills.

Comment by V Meister

And here’s some screenshots of the EVA and CQB armour…

EVA: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/EVA_Armor
CQB: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/CQB_Armor

Comment by V Meister

sry for the 4th post, but I rly have to show this quote from Halopedia:

“You now can customize the helmet and armor on multiplayer, but each of these permutations must be unlocked”… (prolly through the campaign) “…before they can be used”

Comment by V Meister

lets just wait till the game comes out. but i read on bungie weekly update that it was purly cosmetic change and it did not effect gameplay.

Comment by kenney727

Uh,, kenney, there isn’t anything about customizable armour in 7/20/07’s weekly update…

Comment by V Meister

v miester not on this one weekly update it was another one. it was the one when the other leeked mag in june. when they first reveled the new armor. thats when the update occured. don’t have a link srry.

Comment by kenney727

look man , they dont affect gameplay i promise, your gonna feel real stupid for arguing this when it comes out

Comment by distinguish

could anyone then tell me why the armour is called called “Extra Verhicular Activity Armour” and “Close Quarter Combat Armour”? do u guys rly think that’s just stupid names with no meaning at all?

Comment by V Meister

this has, btw, not at all anything to do with what the 7th Columnist found, I believe that what they found is color patterns that u can put on shoulders or something. The “semi-hinted by Bungie” was probably about EVA and CQB armour, not about armour shape customization. I don’t want to kick you out of your sweet dreams about fully customizable MC’s, I mean my pants get a little tighter with the idea of a personal, 1-of-a-kind MC, and if Bungie read this: PUT IT IN RIGHT F—ING NOW!!!1, but i think the customization in H3 is just colours, maybe some new patterns and new emblems, but still just colours.

Comment by V Meister

oh and kenney, I’ve been looking on bungie.net and I believe I found the update u was talking about:

Actually, it doesn’t say it’s purely cosmetic, it says it’s “cosmetic”, meaning u can see differences between different types, not ruling out that it has other effects.

Comment by V Meister

WHAM! in the face, lol

Comment by V Meister

Wow you guys need to catch up. EGM has leaked new scans from the August issue revealing two new Elite customizable armor options. One looks like the Ranger and the other looks like that one guy on “The Silent Cartographer” you had to find and kill. (With gold armor)

Comment by Rico_117

wow , thanks for proving yourself wrong big guy, in that up date by bungie it says multi only cosmetic changes , for appearence diff only , to help spice things up , bungie uses the word COSMETIC
Cosmetic in the dictionary states :only for appearances: done to make something seem better but having no real value
The changes to the code of conduct were purely cosmetic, since attitudes remained fundamentally the same.

3. decorative: designed or added for decorative purposes rather than for any real function

Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
soo there u have it , just stop arguing , they have to give names to the new armor or else it will just be , “yea that new armor with the plates on the head” maby in campaign they might but i even doubt that , but i know for a fact that they dont effect gameplay in multi

Comment by distinguish

oh and to Rico , before posting anything about “catching up” read soem other posts next time ,. if u would have looked at just a few comments u would have noticed we all saw that like a week ago when it was first leaked

Comment by distinguish

it all seems clear now, lol
it’s prolly called EVA and CQB ’cause it improves some of your skills in campaign, and in mp just looks the same so keeps the same name. and now that I think of it, it would be prty unfair to have better armour than some other ppl online just ’cause u completed the campaign. tnx 4 making this clear distinguish, Im pretty sure now that EVA and QCB armour just have cosmetic (only for appearances etc etc) effects and not any improvements whatsoever.

Comment by V Meister

well, i mean it does have improvements in campaign, not in mp.

Comment by V Meister

on this site, u can see the different spartan helmet types; default, cobra, cqb, eva and ninja:


top banana, bungie!

Comment by V Meister

yea, i could see it working out in campaign , after all it does say in the new egm mag that after the first level of halo 3 u get a new armor , and my guess is prob a few more later , but in multi it seems inprobable , due to unfairness, its nice to think about stuff like that , but it wont make its way into halo 3 multi , maby the game they make after halo 3 will be the story of the forerunners and then they can give them diff armor types and abilities depending on your suit

Comment by distinguish

i am italian ( halo 3 is is…………… a beautifulst is i am content that it is exited for all those that made year halo we are magnificents

Comment by thomas

ummm ,not following u…? when ever i read it i keep putting Borats voice to it lol maby its just me

Comment by distinguish

lol, he prolly just put Italian text in on freetranslations.com

btw, distinguish, what do u mean with “the game they make after halo 3” ? do u mean halo wars or halo 4, ’cause there isn’t gonna be a halo 4 from what I’ve heard..

Comment by V Meister

thomas, this is for you:

violentare il suo asino di madri

Comment by V Meister

They are definately NOT emblems. That is obvious. They are armor types that enhance your abilities and change your appearence. There are 7 probable armor types. This is what most people are thinking.
SPARTAN: Normal(Balanced abilities), Intruder (Unknown), Ninja (Faster but vulnerable), Regulater (Tougher but slower), Cobra (Unknown)
ELITE: Raptor (Unknown), Predator (Uknown)
Now, these are the probable armor types, BUT currently, we are 81% sure that different armor types will not change stats, just appearence. Don’t forget that the team making Halo 3 might just make it 5 armor types.
SPARTAN: Normal, SPI, and Regulator or a heavy trooper of some sort
Elite: Raptor and Predator
*!Now these are not the confirmed results, anything could happen with the armor but probably no stat changes. Game is still undergoing changes and will not be in stores for another month and a half!*

Comment by GameMaster

ok bungie has announced that no matter what there armore permutations are only for appearence, thats it , nothing more , and to V meister , i know there will be no halo 4 as this is the end of this paticular story , but it is likley that they will make a game for another story in the halo universe , and a likly one would be the forerunners , as next to nothing is known about them , and i doubt they will be able to explain them in much detail in halo 3 , so telling of the forerunners and their story would be a good idea

Comment by distinguish

this is all true theres videos interviews and lots more showing off the new customization option available

Comment by Andrew Laffan

Theres pictures of the new armor in magazines with Halo 3 in them The new armor is awesome

Comment by The Hunter

every one how think that the armor gives upgraded abilities get a clue its only for show not skill it will play the same and it is highly unlikly it will not be used in campaign

Comment by sniper snider

i have been searching for months on all possible data for halo 3 i think i now about almost every thing

Comment by sniper snider

i have been searching for months on all possible data for halo 3 i think i now about almost every thing.

Comment by sniper snider

and the rumor about halo 4 is possible my friends dad works at microsoft and says that its being worked on this is not 100% tho hell its not even 10% but still the thought keeps me happy

Comment by sniper snider

hey v meister his message made more sense then ur italian one

Comment by sniper snider

and how did u come up with the idea of fore runner armor they may not even exist plus it takes a hand full of experts to put on the cheifs armor or take it off fore runner armor is definatly a no go

Comment by sniper snider

and i think there might be more elite armors comming ins unlikly but this was only a beta they might have added more armor yet

Comment by sniper snider

Bungie said there will be hidden armour as well, so I’m looking forward to finding it.
By halo 4, do you mean halo wars or the pete jackson project?

Comment by D-thunda

sniper, whats with posting 7 times? you should think about what you want to post first instead of adding 6 posts to your first one. and why are you still talking about things that are already confirmed for ages?

Comment by V Meister


Comment by Master Tricks

I think that the different armor types could effect 3 things. 1.How fast you are, strength etc..(less likely then 2 and 3) 2. the special X button. (lets say you have cobra or etc, and you press X, and you get enhanced melee for 30 seconds.) or 3. Just plain appearance.

Comment by Kirby

shotgun massive crotch plate

Comment by Flamedudeace

…are you serious?

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

hey v meister and master tricks u can shove it im just adding on to key points and kirby im positive the armor will do nothing

Comment by sniper snider

hey does any 1 now wat the elite armors variants are gunna lokk like if so send me a link to a pic of them

Comment by sniper snider

one last thing does any one know if they are bringing back the rally game type from halo one if u dont now wat rally is its a race

Comment by sniper snider

lol feel pity for the person lol, actually they are right, there are different armor types, i have read on many other sites that there will be different armor types so you can inter change different pieces of armor with others

Comment by zigzag

WHOA!!!!! Are you SERIOUS Zig Zag!?!?!? I guess SOMEONE has done their research.

Or maybe this information has been available for 2+ months and we’ve actually seen this armor in multiple magazines and in actual gameplay footage. Just a guess, though.

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

This is all old news to me everything you say ive seen it or read it. Snipee stupid you can shove yourself back into the hole you came from!

Comment by Master Tricks

i think this confirms that the phantom is drivable in multiplayer at least go to 00:57 on this vide and you can see it clear as bob saget there are also many other hints in the video but this is the best time to view it

Comment by bob saget

can some 1 answer my question is rally going to be a game type cause i havent heard anything about it

Comment by sniper snider

master the whole point of the forum is to discuss this and ppl im srry for making multiple postss i always think of somthing once iv already posted the first and master tricks i wanna no ur gamer tag so we can face online

Comment by sniper snider

i dont no ifd any 1 has seeen this but i found an elite armor set in a utube video heres the link http://youtube.com/watch?v=9V_aPB1X754&mode=related&search=

Comment by sniper snider

WOW i really cant wait ubtil the ninja man cos i will go all hiyyaaaaaaa!!! u know what i am talking about?

Comment by harley

Stupid snider i have no xbox live and i could beat you with a stick i have been playing halo 2 since the day it came out

Comment by Master Tricks

Oh and stupid snipper you can’t even spell right
“I wanna no ur gamer tag” i’m going wha? maybe someone shuold watch his video before he crys

Comment by Master Tricks

anyone who thinks stupid snipper is a jerk say I


Comment by Master Tricks

mater you are a fucking ass hole your probly not even good at halo

Comment by sniper snider

well now that your correct in saying that there is new armour but wrong in naming them how do you feel

Comment by The Prone One

hey just wondering who here has xbox live cause im getting it in a few months and we should start a clan or make a machinima

Comment by sniper snider

master tricks:
im sorry dude lets just both chill

after all this i kinda like u anyway lol

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Comment by Master Tricks

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Comment by Master Tricks

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Comment by sniper snider


Anyway, check out this link:
if you look at the last picture, you can see a new helmet from the custom armor. It was one of the ones mentioned in a later article than this one. It looks like the Darth-Vader-ish one. Tell me what you guys think.

And stop arguing / kissing. It’s freaking me out.

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

Its not us K-bizzle someones impersonating if you stop impersonating us i won’t call the police

Comment by Master Tricks

i agree with tricks

Comment by sniper snider

that’s awfully funny…
I was on IGN and they had Spartans in SPI armour holding different weapons in the FAQ section.
Spartan III’s have SPI armour.
yeah, but I imagine it will all be stuff from the Halo-verse.
stuff discussed in the novels and such?

Comment by Guilty Spark 343

dude its not spi armor its eva armor
clue in

Comment by sniper snider

No sniper it is Spi armor in the novels and if you start to argue say goodbye to the friendship

Comment by Master Tricks

fine then , ill say it…its not spi armor retard , its EVA!!

Comment by distinguish

wow who is impursianting, i’ll ban u lol. jk for real 7th will ban u

Comment by x_kenney_x

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Comment by Master Tricks

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Comment by Master Tricks

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Comment by Master Tricks

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Comment by Master Tricks

seriously one of you guys stop okay. how about the real master tricks make your name have a website to it. so it turns red, the person who puts a website there is master tricks #1 and the other master tricks #2 okay.

Comment by x_kenney_x

damn people , who ever is doin that is soo immature, im sure after reading this he will copy my name too

Comment by distinguish

i no that the books armor is spi but im dsayin the game armor is EVA and i heard that theres now 5 sets of elite armor

Comment by sniper snider

It’s definatly custom armor options. Helmets probably, MP is Multiplayer, which is a dead giveaway that it IS something customizable in the game. I doubt seriously it’s an emblem. I feel sorry for the chap who thought that.

Comment by BlackWolf

yeah check the screens of the multiplayer on gamespot. most certainly custom armor =) looks awesome.

Comment by Pete

i think in h3 there should be new armor downloads and a clan system and bots 4 practise for new players

Comment by mike

yay i would love fucking bots it would make the game perfect

Comment by sniper snider

i saw a couple new helmets in a bungie video u have to look close to see 1 of them heres the link


Comment by sniper snider

wow Tom is such a noob, and hasnt played halo 3 yet, the big thing for online multiplayer, besides the video making, is customizing your character you retard

the little content thing shown on this website jus shows the names of the different armor, and it will show you the name once you unlock it you noob

Comment by knightshadow

We spell color without a “u”.

Comment by Thomas

stop arguing. or go stand in the corner and think about what you did.
Now, has anyone found the ‘I would have been your daddy’ skull?
Nobody knows how to get it, and it will mean we’ll see people with the “hayabusa” helmet. It looks awesome.

Comment by D-thunda

So you have to have crazy butt sex to get the hayabusa armor??? or do you sux the graveminds dick?

Comment by Yiff-Master

It looks like the hayabusa armour is tied in with the skulls, maybe the elusive IWHBYD skull, to be more precise.

Comment by 7th Columnist

how do u get to the armor screen?

Comment by jimm

i dunno guys i think its emblems even tho i have the game i dunno maybe cus im high and love that sniper dude. but seriously its emblems :)

Comment by master tricks

“I honestly think those are the emblems, for somebody who knows how to get into Halo 3 content, but thinks that is new armor styles, Feel pity for you.
Comment by Tom 05.28.07 @ 12:01 am ”

Don’t you feel stupid?

Comment by Tyler

“how do u get to the armor screen?”
The easiest way is to hit Start while you’re in any lobby.

also, I have the hayabusa armor! I’m so happy! The IWHBYD skull takes a long time to get.

Comment by Jake Moore

u feel pity do you….well it turns out that they are in fact new armour types u dick, how do i know this…im playing it

Comment by ballistics

That was before the game was out give him a break.

Comment by Captain Howdy

wow i feel like i newb i couldnt find the appearence thing lol n im a halo pro wow i feel shamed hey question i only have the chest piece of the hyabusa is there more to it?

Comment by DarkAngel

Lmao I feel bad for the moron at the top. >_> They are armor types. xD

Comment by Jeff

man I bet tom feels stupid now haha

Comment by Joe

dark angel… are you kidding? There are Hyabusa shoulders and chest and helmet. Even though the helmet looks stupid and out of place.
She shoulders are sweet

Comment by trim

Gangster helms

Comment by Matt

Fight Me “Centurian125” =P

Comment by Matt

Haha you moron Tom. You were completely wrong, they were new armour types, go fall in a ditch.

Comment by MashHead

u know honestly this is totally fudgein up the suprise that bungie folks is tryin so hard to give us halo worshipers…

Comment by pineappple pimp@##

You moron those arent new armor types :/

Comment by XxD3VASTATORxX

just looking at the first few posts how wrong was tom?! lol

Comment by Jamzy No 2

and actually quite alot of people

Comment by Jamzy No 2

its all true, i have halo 3 and im now seeing the posts, i have the new armour

Comment by branond

HEH. I just happened upon this comment from the guy below, now that the game is released i bet he’s enjoying eating his words:P

Comment by Sky

if master tricks is reading,

you dumbass. stupid “snipper”. and you get on to him for spelling.

Comment by demonkunai

Tom is wrong i feel pity

Comment by Tomcut

If you play the real Halo 3, ull see that those ARE emblems.

Comment by Blue General

lol noobs u all wishers … really i hat faggs HALO 3 RULESZ i own all ut asses P0wned

Comment by My ass is itchy yyaw

hell yea 3 new armors for the spartan and elite that’s tight as hell im more of a spartan person and im wearin the hayabusa armor right now i can’t wait to see wat the new armors look like alright peace

Comment by mike

How do u unlock them though??

Comment by bob

It wpoul be coll if you could be a Brute online who agrees?

Comment by Halo Dude

what i wanna know is how to get the new custom armours

Comment by kixx

kixx check forums

Comment by Evilpro

All this new armor stuff is cool. Spartan III’s need to be introduced into a videogame

Comment by Spartan R-24

wow u guys are gay its obviously emblems because MP means multiplayer and ur all stupid because halo is hella gay

Comment by Ninja Comenter

hey get the fuck off the forum if u aint talkin about the armor

Comment by sniper snider

thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful…

Comment by Whatever-ishere

Those are the emblems not armor.

Comment by Mac

i poon you all so just screw off ha ha

Comment by d3ath sparton

wow you were right

Comment by spartan

I just want to find the skulls that unlocks the predator armour

Comment by phillopeno

ya, I wish…not…..?

Comment by Pussyterd

Predator was renamed and, You unlock elite permutations from beating levels on heroic and the Lone Wolves achievements.

Comment by Evilpro

wow those arent even any of the names of the armours u idiots there scout, odst, rouge, haysabusa, mark4,

Comment by Omega-1

and more others u obviously never even seen the game or played it

Comment by Omega-1

Are you really THAT stupid? Those were in the beta code which they later changed/ added more. And the armor types are
Mark VI (6)
Mark V


You’ve obviously never played the game if you think there is a Mark IV armor, also you cannot read the dates which was months before anyone knew the finalized names of the armor.

Comment by Evilpro

this is not true there is no such thing as new armor, i would know.

Comment by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz


Comment by Evilpro

You’re all silly!

Comment by Walla

Beautiful teen girls

Comment by owespiptofe

there is goin to be a halo 4 but it’s not goin to be really called halo 4 it’s called marathon. before bungie made halo they made a game called marathon which is 200 years after halo 3 and if any of you beat the game on legendary and watched the vid clip after the credits you would know what i’m talkin about. there is a video clip after every difficulty but on legendary there is and extra part where there ship starts to orbit this new planet. I think that that planet is marathons planet and there going to remake it with master chief.

Comment by whocares

Didn’t Marathon start with you on a fully operational human ship? And you’re part of a completely different group of mostly dead super soldiers?

Marathon isn’t part of the Halo storyline. In Marathon, those aliens are the first aliens humans ever encountered.

So unless Bungie plans to completely rewrite Marathon, it isn’t the same.

Comment by Walla

i hope by now you all realise that the codes are for unlockable new armour types. mcfarlane toys will be issuing an incredible line of action figures with all of the new spartan armour types, as well as variant marine and elite armour types.

Comment by Lee

There are gonna make a new HALO game but it has nothing to do with the Marathon series.


Only time will tell…

Comment by The kid the ESRB warned you about


Comment by Billy



Comment by 7th Columnist

Sorry, bungie even stated they weren’t making anymore armor…so maybe its just armor for halo wars?left over files, or maybe supposed-to-be-in-game files? Who knows…but no new armor. People on bungie would say something, so sorry :(

Comment by Avenger


Check the date of the post man, this is old. All the armour types found through our beta trawl made it into the final game.

Comment by 7th Columnist

M8 i will tell u now that they ………. JUST CHANGE YOUR ARMOUYR BACK TO MARK V1
i tried the codes and they just change yer armour black and to mark v1

Comment by anish

have you seen the assassin armor on youtube it pretty bad a

Comment by Arias Aune

I love reading back through old posts and seeing what people thought of things when they were first released. Very informative and great comments.

Comment by gamephobic

Cobra is Recon you dim wit…
They are all names they used in the development of Halo 3…

Comment by C0nn0rmcl

I once had the katana armor and the security helmet and then a few days after i got it dissappeared… Can someone help?

Comment by Halo3noob

how do u get e.o.d. if u cant beat it on legendary

Comment by kenny

hahahahahahahahalolololol rofl rotflol did i mention lol u dont get it legendarys easy fur me ur a wuss beat it on campain scorin with skulls eods not so hot securitys great try getin that

Comment by gruntyboy6

if u dont hav xbox live then srry u cant get it

Comment by gruntyboy6

qltvwfthyybrnsuawell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

Comment by Glakysnasembolanet

Lol u Nerds. U Hang on here all day.
Talking about ur stupid Halo Armor LOL

Comment by Noob


Comment by tittyboomboom

so awsom

Comment by will

all i want to know is if there is some new armor coming out???

Comment by zeek

can Bungie please tell me

Comment by zeek

i got all armour not recon doh

Comment by nicky

To make an end to this all: the Cobra, Ninja, Intruder and Regulator were beta-armour codes back when we still needed a name for the armours and still needed to make a few. And there is NO new armour coming out, but people CAN get Recon if they get all the Vidmaster achievements.

Cobra = Recon
Ninja = Hayabusa
Intruder = C.Q.B.
Regulator = Scout

Comment by Bungie

bungie!!!! hey whats up

j0hn macy


Comment by john

hey h37 is all you need

Comment by john

hello its me mcq22 i has all armor but someone hacked and took it all off somehow. can you give me all of the armor agian i changed my gamertag to chickmagneto1

Comment by chickmagnet01

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