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WETA Halo Movies, New Pics
August 18, 2007, 3:03 pm
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So the latest Bungie update went live yesterday, and whilst we don’t normally discuss the updates here all that much, it did feature a new pic from WETA regarding the upcoming Halo 3 shorts (directed by Halo movie director Neil Blomkamp) – which i’ve been meaning to post for a little while.

So here’s the freakin’ real Warthog they’ve built. Complete with working machine gun, digital displays, airbags and… get this, the ability for the Warthog to crab crawl as well as four wheel steer.

And now the monster with its suspension raised. Oh, and a marine on the back warming the handles for me.

Check out the decals and detail on this thing. It’s unbelievable.

Apparently this bad boy will feature heavily in the next Halo 3 short (coming sometime this month) which will be more action based and make a little more sense of the last, ‘Arms Race’ which premiered at E3.

If you’ve not yet seen the first of the three, grab it below for an exciting look at just what the Halo movie could eventually become.

Halo: Arms race

WMV HD Large
WMV Medium
WMV Small

Quicktime HD (Large)
Quicktime Medium
Quicktime Small

Hopefully with these shorts, and the impressive amount of effort WETA is putting it to project, will enable the movie to gain some more finacial backing and make it on to the screen. I don’t know about you guys, but I need a Halo movie.


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a living breathing warthog, man that would be so cool to drive

i wonder if the gun is real too, i hope so

Comment by soans

Yep, apparently the gun is fully operational.

Comment by 7th Columnist

wauuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!is a beatifullllllllllllll

Comment by thomas

if they drove that around to promote the movie I think I’d HAVE to see it up close.

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

I’m just wondering what they’ll do with it once they’re finished with it.

Comment by 7th Columnist

Downtown Rampage! on the Tsavo Highway!

Comment by DEL360X

The Weekly Update yesterday gave the impression that the next Short would come out pretty soon. I’d like to see some Covenant and I’d like to see some dead Covenant.

Comment by Bansheesdie

my mates dad has seen it.
(I’m a nz’er, and weta is in nz, and pete jacksons a kiwi as well!)

NZ has a lot of cool stuff…
i wanna drive it!

Comment by D-thunda

I’d be willing to buy it from them when they’re finished with it…

Comment by Russkie

They will probubly either keep it on display or sell it to the highest bidder. I hope they sell it:p

Comment by N Fox

i hope they put it up for raffle :)

Comment by V Meister

It’ll go to an event like Star Wars and have it up for display

Comment by Master Tricks

There’s gonna be banother short?
does anyone know when I can see it, the first one I watched like 8 times in 10 minutes =p

Comment by DesertEagle PWN

Hmmm…Could this be a turning point with our actual US Military?

Comment by SolidiusSaint

Could be, but when we see 7 ft tall Green Super Soldiers fighting to defend our planet. Then I believe we can say, Yes.

Comment by DEL360X

Oh that day is coming… I haven’t posted about my MJOLNIR helmet yet. ;)

Comment by 7th Columnist

OMgZ 5p01L3rZ!

Comment by DEL360X

I didn’t know that 7-11 was even selling Halo 3.
Also, I wouldn’t pre-order from there because the employees where I live are kind of stupid. I just go there for a Cheeseburger Bigbite(tm) and some Halo(tm) 3 Game Fuel(tm). Anyway, the day I see a “Master Chief(tm)” will mark the end of the world.

Comment by DEL360X

hmm, i had a feeling this day was coming.
Maybe the war will end on a cliffhanger! :P

What’s 7-11? is it like mcDonalds, and what does gamefuel taste like?
Is it nice? (sorry don’t get any of that stuff in nz.)

So who here is getting legendary edition?
i just preordered mine! #39 ftw!

@anyone who has played epsilon:

details! cell-phone vid! screenshot! anything, and we shall spread the word to millions of others on the internetz!

Comment by D-thunda

7-Eleven is like a Mini Market.

If you have Mountain Dew in NZ then you might have Game Fuel.

Comment by DEL360X

7-Eleven is like a Mini Market.

If you have Mountain Dew in NZ then you might have Game Fuel.
It an awesome Chery Citrus Explosion!

Comment by DEL360X

hehe, nice. thanks for clearing that up for me.
Nope, we don’t have game-fuel.

Here’s something neat for everyone to look at (it details Tsavo Highway and multiplayer):



Comment by D-thunda

that is sooo freakin’ sweet guys. I WANT ONE.

Comment by triggerhappymole

I’m getting legendary edition

Comment by Master Tricks

ive seean this stuff already

Comment by nathan

KqqM5R hi great site thx http://peace.com

Comment by bob

wow!!!!! 0.0

I have always wanted to see one in real life

i can’t believe that is real

Comment by Radguy525

hey the movie comes out sometime soon and almost everything is live action. the stuff that isn’t is most likely green screen or people in green suits. it’ll still be awsome.

Comment by masterc3

Are you guys kidding me? That thing looks so stupid. I really hope Peter Jackson doesnt put this in his film. I mean, come on, the year is 2500 something and Land Rover Defenders look more real and believable. I’m not saying they should use Land Rovers, its just that “Halo” take place 500 years from now, so there should be some drastic changes in our way of making vehicles.

Comment by philip

The movie was cancelled, you guys.

You didn’t hear? It happened quite a long time ago.

Comment by Walla

Friggin awesome. Now for the real challenge, make a working ghost.

Comment by coolio

nice machines

Comment by tummy

lol, i love the little decals on the side of the window, with the count of how many covenant they’ve killed. love it

Comment by Hax0rz

You couldnt buy it unless they changed the turret to a boot or tires on the back and ud need good protection ppl would take anything from it

Comment by encore

they does look very futuristic machines…


Comment by David Gortler

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Comment by Thu Dalene

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