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Halo 3 Skull Locations
September 27, 2007, 2:05 pm
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By now you should have all beaten the game. Once, twice… more? So maybe it’s time to turn your attention to something else now… like skulls.

These can be found scattered throughout the levels on Normal, Heroic, and Legendary difficulty settings. Why do you want them? Well, picking up ‘Golden’ skulls will unlock an achievement for starters, but also, each skull has different effects that can be enabled in Meta Games, which will in turn multiply your meta game score.

Here’s a handy list of skull effects and where to find them:

Gold Skulls

Iron Skull
If you die, you restart from the beginning of the level.
The ‘Iron Skull’ is located at the very end of the first level. It is located behind the building where Sgt. Johnson is being held captive, up on the roof. You can gain access to the roof on the far right side of the building. Travel all the way over to the left side of the roof, and the Skull will be concealed in the corner.

Black Eye Skull
When you lose shield, the only way to get it back it to melee an enemy.
This Skull is located in the beginning of the second level ‘Crow’s Nest‘, the very room you start in. Hanging down from the ceiling is some piping. On top of this piping, on the side nearest to the large display (the one that Hood appears on) lies the ‘Black Eye Skull‘.

Tough Luck Skull
Your enemies never back down, always make their saving throws, and always charge you.
The ‘Tough Luck Skull’ is found on the third level, at the point in the level when the huge covenant cruiser flies overhead. On your left is some large piping following the road you are walking on. Underneath this piping are some support beams that extend out over a cliff. Jump onto the first of these beams, and travel to the end of it. Look to your left, and the Tough Luck Skull will be sitting on a rock extending from a cliff edge.

Catch Skull
Enemies throw LOTS of grenades.
The ‘Catch Skull’ can be found on the fourth level, in the first area where you need to destroy the Wraith Tanks. When you enter this area, do not eliminate the Wraith Tanks (The skull appears when the tanks appear, and disappears when the tanks are destroyed). The Skull is located on top of the circular building next to the Anti-Air Tank. You can access the roof using a grenade jump, or jumping on the back of a hog.

Fog Skull
“You’ll miss those eyes in the back of your head.” You lose your motion sensor.
The ‘Fog Skull’ is found on the level ‘Floodgate’, at the very beginning of the level. As you are walking down from the anti-air gun you destroyed in the previous mission, you encounter a ramp (next to a missile launcher). Around this ramp, you hit a checkpoint. At this point, you should also hear a marine yelling, “There! Over There!”.

You have a small window of opportunity at this point, but it is fairly easy to get the ‘Fog Skull‘. Look up, and to the right, directly at the roof of the building next to the missle launcher. There is a single flood form (not to be mistaken with the two other flood forms jumping in front of you) which is holding the skull. Kill him before he jumps, and he will drop the skull down to the ground where you can retrieve it. Too early, and the skull will get stuck on the roof though, so just time it carefully.

Famine Skull
Enemies drop 50% of the ammo they usually drop.
You can find the ‘Famine Skull’ on the sixth level, near the point where the path you follow branches off into two sections (one leading to the area where you need to let the tanks across the bridge, and the other leading towards the area where you meet up with the frigate). Take the right path, as you would if you were completing the mission, and you’ll notice a structure above you / to the left of you (near the area where you encounter a few ghosts).

You need to scale the rocks to the right of the structure, and then travel across it so that you pass 3 of the large support beams extending into the cliffs. Inside of the fourth support beam, lies the Famine Skull. A well placed grenade should have you up there in no time!

Thunderstorm Skull
All enemies are given a field promotion, and ranked up to their next available level.
The ‘Thunderstorm Skull’ can be found on the level, ‘The Covenant‘, after you take command of one of the Hornet vehicles. Fly towards the second force field generator (the one the Arbiter disabled), and land. The skull is waiting at the very top, at the end of the ramp extending over the sea.

Tilt Skull
Makes enemy resistance much greater. For example, Brute power armor becomes nearly impossible to take out with nearly anything except for plasma bursts.
The ‘Tilt Skull’ is found on the level ‘Cortana‘, in the circular room where Cortana mentions that she “Likes to play games too…”.

It’s a bit difficult to get to, as it requires getting on top of the ceiling of the room. Upon entering the room, head towards the left side where you will see some mushroom shaped extrusions along the wall. Get on top of these, and then look up and towards the right for another set of extrusions. Jump to these. From here, you should be able to jump on top of the ceiling of the room, where the Tilt Skull lies in the center.

Mythic Skull
All enemies have double their usual health.
This is probably the easiest Golden skull in the game to get. It is located in the very beginning of the final level in Halo 3. Begin by heading into the canyon, but hug the right wall. Very soon, you will notice that there is a turn to the right that is off the normal trail. Head a bit down this path, and the ‘Mythic Skull’ will be sitting there.

Silver Skulls

Blind Skull
You lose your HUD when this skull is turned on. You won’t see your weapons, shield, radar, etc.
The ‘Blind Skull’ is the first of the Silver Skulls in Halo 3, and can be found in the first mission. It is located relatively close to the beginning of the level.

After your first encounter with the Gold Armor Brute, Two enemy dropships will appear a bit further down the stream. Go towards the dropship that is furthest away, and stay on the right side of the stream. Continue along the right (towards the cliff edge), and a rock will jut out a bit over the large lake. The ‘Blind Skull’ is located on this rock.

Grunt Birthday Party Skull
When you get a headshot on an enemy Grunt, they will explode into confetti, and you’ll hear children cheer, “Yay!” in excitement.
This is one of the more fun Silver Skulls in Halo 3. The ‘Grunt Birthday Party Skull’ is located on the second mission, ‘Crow’s Nest‘, just before the area where you team up with the Arbiter (it’s the piping area where you see Drones buzzing in and out of an array of pipes). Just before you jump down the pipe to meet up with the Arbiter, stop at the ledge, and look directly below you. Along the wall that you drop down, there is a small ledge with a green arrow pointing backwards. Jump onto this ledge (rather than all the way down), and go inside this secret room. The skull is in the dead center of the room.

Cowbell Skull
Explosions become much bigger in the game.
The ‘Cowbell Skull’ is found on the level ‘The Ark‘, and marks the third Silver Skull found in the game. It’s fairly far into the level, so it takes a bit of time to find it.
Begin by heading all the way to the part of the level where you battle the Scarab. After defeating it, look in the middle of the desert area which you battled it in for a fairly large structure (it’s the building you see if you are at the bottom of the ramp you are supposed to go up, and turn to look in the opposite direction). Inside of this structure are several Gravity Lifts. Take one of these for later.

Next, head up the huge ramp, and head inside of the building (the one with the cartographer inside). Pass through a few of the rooms in this building, and you’ll eventually come to a room with a whole lot of Explosive crates. Right after this room is a Staircase/Hallway that leads to the level below. The Skull is located at the top of the room, at the point where you turn on the staircase to head for the next part of the slope. There are four platforms above you, the Skull is on the uppermost of these platforms. Use the Gravity Lift to jump up to it, and there you have it!

Unlocks hidden dialogue throughout Halo 3’s campaign.
Currently, the ‘IWHBYD (I Would Have Been Your Daddy) Skull’ has yet to be found by the public. Only members of the Bungie team know the location of the final Silver skull in the game.

Over at NeoGAF, Tyson Green of the Bungie states:

“…IWHBYD is hidden in ways you cannot yet even imagine. It’ll be a while, unless someone at Bungie leaks it. Good hunting, gentlemen.”

So expect this to be toughie. He also confirmed that the Hayabusa, or ‘Samurai’ helmet permutation may be unlocked with the skulls.

Remember: All Skulls must be found by setting the game to “Normal” difficulty setting or higher, and you must begin from the start of the level to find them! Good Luck!


The IWHBYD Skull has now been found! Here’s how to grab it for yourself and unlock that Hayabusa armour:

Located on the level, ‘The Covenant’ – After defeating the two Scarabs, head inside to confront Truth and get to the location with all 7 ring holograms. Here you must jump through the rings in a specific order to make the skull appear.

That order is as follows (1 is where you came in, 7 is nearest Truth):
5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

Jump through them in the correct sequence, and the ‘I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull’ will appear as if by magic, right next to the bridge that brings you over to the Prophet of Truth.

It’s worth mentioning that you may want to take down Truth and the rest of the Flood BEFORE tackling the jumps though, it’ll make things a lot easier.

Thanks to Halo3Planet.


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wow i didnt know that

Comment by spartans r cool

Anyone know what the cavemen in the first level are up too? The large one is holding a bunny doll but they dont do anything and you cant kill them….

Comment by Cavemen

I need that IWHBYD skull! plus 3 more, then I get hayabusa.

Comment by D-thunda

What vile demon possessed the Bungie staff to hide the IWHBYD skull so cleverly???

Comment by Joykillery

The cowbell skull is not as easy as just grabbing a grav lift. The grav lift doesn’t reach the top platform.

Comment by Lucas

hey i had that problem 2 i know the best way to fix it. First genade jump onto the first platform, then throw the gav lift so it is half of the edge then get off the platform and jump onto the grav lift from the side you threw it on. You should be able to get to it.

Comment by wilza

all u need is one grenade jump to get to the skull and u go off to the side of it wear the rocks r

Comment by samuel

actually lucas you can use a grav lift

Comment by CrimsonVI

I may have found the Skull; but I can’t reach it.

Before the Banshees are killed, there is something white and round on the back of the Phantom. Perhaps; a skull? I’m not sure. I tried to get ontop of the phantom but it seems to disappear if the other enemies are gone.

Comment by Dan

I can’t make the Catch skull appear, I am playing on Normal, from teh beginning, and both Wraiths (and all the ghosts and other enemies) are still alive. When I get to the top of the silo, there’s nothing there. I have heard of other people with the same problem, but no real solution yet. Any help?

Comment by Retronix

if you cant make it appear its because you have to beat the game on normal or above then it will show up

Comment by C.j.

yo kill the gost…. go on the top with a hog or granade jump…. waitr for atleaast 10 seconds and jump on the first circular platform

Comment by alex

blow up the wraith that is next to it then git on top

Comment by samuel

which lvl are you talking about where the banshees are killed dan??

Comment by geoff

geoff i think he means the covenant. maybe thats the IWHBYD skull. you never know.

Comment by Ryan

The IWHBYD Skull is on the cotana level on top of the doorway u enter in the room with 3 generators

Comment by X Teh LegenD X

Doubt that Legend, that would be WAY too easy.

Comment by Blitz Massacre

X Teh LegenD X No man just no! Iam not even gonna look in the room with the 3 generators just cuz u spelled Cortana wrong. Anyone as stupid as that is just pullin your cha cha chain. Iam Dr. Roxxo THE ROCK AND ROLL CLOWN!

Comment by Billy

Someone loves metalacolypse a little to much…lay off the cocain and yeah I checked Legends location anyways and yeah its not there.

Comment by XX PWND XX

ZOMG its 9/28 and the public still havent found the skull. Cmon you fat bastards with no life, your actually good for something and STILL you have continued to let us down. FIND THAT SKULL!

Comment by Weapon

i think its at the end off the level, and has something to do with those things that play notes near truth. This skull isnt just hidden somewhere like the others, this one u have to unlock it, do something in sequence to make it appear. Someone find it.

Comment by airlessss

I think it would make the most sense if they hid that skull on the final level around the time when you are driving in the warthog.

Huge level, always driving with distractions. The skull could be hidden for years there.

Comment by SAARZ

@ Retronix

I had the same problem. I had to restart the level and it was there the 2nd time. Good luck!

Comment by DRU

i know the location on the IWHBYD skull. it’s up Bill’s ass, where it shall remain forever!!!

Comment by Tron

Im not shure if this is true but ive heard that in order to get the IWHBYD skull that you have to get to the end of the last level with 100% head shots and then it activates it and somewere close to the end u have to find it.

Comment by Trent

no one will find the [W]HBYD skill

Comment by david

The IWHBYD skull is in the level “Cortana”. In the room with the 3 reactors, but when I grab it nothing happens when I finish the level. The 4th silver skull slot is still blank

Comment by garbage123

ITs been FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!
I took this from bungie.net and also from the ppl of haloplanet.com
IMPORTANT: This Skull has yet to be found! Help contribute in our IWHBYD Skull Discussion Post!

Skull Effect: Unlocks hidden dialogue throughout Halo 3’s campaign.

Skull Location:

The IWHBYD Skull has been found! After countless hours from the Halo3Planet Community, we finally present you with the location of the final skull, the IWHBYD Skull!

The Skull is located in the level, “The Covenant”. After defeating the Scarabs, and going inside, get to the location with all 7 Ring Holograms. You must jump through the rings in a specific order. That order is as follows:

4 5 6 5 7 6 5 4 1 2 3 2 7 2 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

These rings also produce the notes:

E F# G F# A G F# E B C# D C# A C# B D E G A F# E G F# E F# D E

After jumping through them in this sequence, you will be awarded the “I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull”. It will be right next to the bridge that brings you over to the Prophet of Truth.


Great work Everyone!

Comment by Dread125

4654534 plays halo 1 menu song

Comment by unknown 42

i found the grunt skull but i dunno what to do with it

Comment by joseph

the IWHBYD skull is on the level the Ark where you are enter this long room with the 7 halo rings…you ahfta jump through them in a sequence to get the skull to appaer on the light bridge near the prophet…wont tell the sequence tho

Comment by skotp

They order they gave above works but you have to have the marathon man achievment first. I did the pattern once and the skull droped but when i completed the lvl the skull was still locked. So i got the marathon man achivement and did it again and it worked.

Comment by Chris

hey guys my mind is getting warped cant get the catch skull to appear. need help asap, have evvery skull besides that one

Comment by joey

You should note you must have all the other skulls before you can get the IWHBYD skull. Otherwise, THANKS! This page really helped me.

Comment by The Black Adda

I have a friend that has teh IWHBYD skull. It’s proven because he also has Hayabusa helmet

Comment by JBEAU117

that sequence is much too long you can use 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 and it works, i’ve heard possibly shorter too, but haven’t tried. you don’t have to get all the other skulls to get IWHBYD i got it before the Cowbell skull. very glad to hear the skull has finally been found and am enjoying the hayabusa

Comment by jag off

it plays the halo 1 menu song

Comment by unknown

What thing that plays note I’m curious to know cuz I didnt see anything that plays music or i didnt do what needed to be done for it to make those note?

Comment by Me

hey can you start form a checkpoint or do u have to do the whole level
get back to me thanks

Comment by BabyJoezai

you have to do the whole level

Comment by max

when i jump through the rings are they suppose to make a sound cause you guys say that it makes a song but i dont hear and noises when i jump through….

Comment by Kurtis

they say you have to start at the beginning of the level for all the skulls so i would assume the same…Do you her noises when you jump through the rings?

Comment by Kurtis

I lmow the location of the famine skull, seen the videos, blah blah blah…
But every time I up there, there’s no skull.
This happen to anyone else?

Comment by Jrock

Nevermind. found it.

Comment by Jrock

yes the short sequence mentioned by jag off does indeed work, kill the prophet and flood to then do it

Comment by macabre alucard

Still stuck on the Catch skull also, anybody know anything about why it won’t show up? (besides teh tank crap, I have tried every combo of them being alive/dead.)

Comment by Retronix

Wow i actually got the IWHBYD skull but i didn’t get the helmet, wtf? Maybe i should have dropped it :(
What a waste of 10 minutes :(

Comment by VitalSuitOnline

Retronix did you go threw the entire level to get to that point? cause i think that is what you have to do to get all of them.

Comment by tRipLesEc

Yes, I went thru the whole level, on normal, all the basic stuff. hundreds of times by now.

Comment by Retronix

I found the IWHBYD Skull, but I didn’t get the helmet. And there is another skull that I’m having a hard time getting to which is the Famine Skull. I’ve tried to use a grenade placed in a few different spots on the rock just to the right of the beam, and it won’t sent me up quite high enough to grab the skull. Is there a better way to access the FAMINE SKULL than using a grenade? Also do you have to get all of the skulls prior to the IWHBYD Skull to get the helmet? Like I said I already got it, and never got the helmet.

Comment by Justin Fank

all skulls unlocks the helmet

Comment by unknown 42

For the Famine skull it took me a few tries but i found the best way to reach it is to use a defense shield right next to the beam and simply jump onto it to get a higher advantage point to jump on the beam.

Comment by Hiro

Alright so for IWHBYD, if you did the sequence correctly, you will see the rings start to flash, then they will glow really bright.

Comment by Miles

don’t forget to press crouch at the top of your jump. It’s just like halo 2. You will get just enough height to get it.

Comment by mannyg

i have all the skulls and it dont unlock nothing!!!

Comment by dave

i got the iwhbyd skull!! and i got no hayubusa armour yay!! wait i mean ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! why is it not givin off my hayubusa

Comment by wanted 628

Ok i got Hayabusa armor, all of it, to get it you must i repeat must, get every single skull including all silver skulls.

Comment by VitalSuitOnline

Yea Vital is correct, to get the hyabusa helmet you need ALL skulls all siver and all Gold, to get the Hyabusa Body Armors (chest left shoulder, right shoulder) you only need all the gold. I hot the IWHBYD skull before cowbell so order doesnt matter, and i also got it before i was marathon man. To do it quickly go in with a party of four and split it up but make sure you jump through the rings facing TRuth each TIME!

Comment by e Jownsubad

wow someone has no life lol it mu7st have gotten leeked for someone to figure that out

Comment by michael

can someone give me some help with the order, as in give me a gamertag and come and play halo 3 with me.

email at jeroldomanlyman@yahoo.com

Comment by gman

You can get them in any order.

Comment by Lupus

You need ALL of the skulls to unlock the Hayabusa Helmet, thats why you might not get it when you get the IWHBYD skull

Comment by Bluebottle

hey i need help gettin the cowbell skull its gettin on my fuckin nerves the grav lift dont reach to the top i tried lobbin grenades but sadly the skull wont budge can i get some advice for this thing?

Comment by DarkAngel

It took me a sec to figure out, maybe you know already, you have to put the grav lift on the ramp further up, then run into it and jump for height.

Comment by Retronix

forget my request but i still cant find the famine skull.

Comment by DarkAngel

thanks retro i got pissed so i looked found a link this dude was usin a brute shot to get the extra up for it another said to use a chopper n then another said to use ur idea n that worked fine now its findin the damn famine skull

Comment by DarkAngel

why has no one answered the music question? does the music play as you go through or not?

Comment by liquidc3ll

halo 1 menu song

Comment by unknown 42 arw

liquid to be honest its not music its sounds that match certain notes in music ie the reason y its translated into letters that way u can figure it out yourself but to be honest i didnt hear shit n the fact that i had to face truths direction woulda been a hell of a lot better then gettin pissed off at y this shit aint workin n im down to that very skull so im 1 skull away from a hyabusa armor helmet.

Comment by DarkAngel

ok im about to put it all out here as far as i kno of getting the iwbyhd watever skull.

the short sequence 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 works

kill truth and the flood first

go through the rings facing where truth was

if done right, the rings will flash

now maybe you dont have to do all tese steps but i did them, they work, and im not about to do combinations to see which ones arnt necessary

Comment by liquidc3ll

i grabbed the skull nothing happened wtf man

Comment by DarkAngel

The Mythic skull can be found on easy mode, however you won’t unlock the achievement for finding unless you playing on normal or higher. It’s most likely an oversight by Bungie during the rush for release.

Comment by pwnd1138

ok, I’ll set this straight once and for all.
there are 9 gold skulls that can be found on normal or higher.
Those 9 skulls are worth achievements when picked up on normal or any higher difficulty.
There are 4 silver skulls that are for fun.
They aren’t worth achievements, they only have cool effects on the game. I like grunt birthday party.
when you pick up a silver skull, you won’t see ‘achievement unlocked’ on your screen.
Also, it won’t have any effect on gameplay.
To activate the skulls effect, you must press ‘X’ in the campaign lobby when you are the party leader.
You’ll now see a screen showing the campaign scoring options and all the skulls you have collected.
You can activate the skulls effect from this screen.
also, the gold skulls offer a multiplier on your metagame score.

hope that cleared things up.

Comment by D-thunda

um thunda im talkin about the iwhbyd skull yea i grabbed it n saved n quit n it didnt show up in the skulls dude wtf is up wit that?

Comment by DarkAngel

ok i got the helmet this time n the skull guess u gotta beat the level with it instead of save n quit thats fuckin weird though but i got entire hayabusa armor set i wonder do u get the pieces wit silver or gold skulls?

Comment by DarkAngel

do u have to finish the missions with the silver skulld in hand?

Comment by simpledemon575

cant get burfday grunt skull why?

Comment by im stuck

how do u activate the scullz can any1help me

Comment by cb

all u gotta do is pick them up

Comment by halospartin12

what is the difference in the gold skull and the silver ones?

Comment by moonanight

gold unlocks acheivements and make game harder

Comment by unknown 42 arw

I know the locations of all the skulls i will help anyone if they can help me with the marathon man achievement. U can contact me on aim Atticusmarkt or yahoo messenger Chefdude18 if you want help and can help me.

Comment by atti182

You need to put the grav lift like half way up the stairs start at the top of stairs run and jump toward the skull

Comment by Jim

Skotp The IWHBYD Skull Isn’t Located On, The Ark It’s Located On, The Covonent You Got The 7 Rings And The Prophet Bull Crap All Right But No The IWHBYD Skull Is Located On The Lvl. The Covonent

Comment by -[II]-Blazer

So Yeah…

Comment by -[II]-Blazer

DarkAngel?? you’re the [SH] Girl right??

Comment by -[II]-Blazer

Hello why isn’t anyone awnsering me………

oh well

thats fine

c’mon someone awnser me


never mind

Comment by -[II]-Blazer


Comment by -[II]-Blazer

all u need to do for the iwhbyd skull is this:
1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

Comment by haloguy

For some reason im not able to find the skulls. IVe picked up three of them.BUt i cant find tough luck skull , im at the part were its at but it wont show up. Iv watched the vidoes 5 times, im at the right place puts it not appearing. THis is also happening to me on the Black eye skull. Plaez help

Comment by brandon

Tough luck is on a cliff. jump on the pipe in “Trasvo highway” Get down to to the lower level(under the pipe) the run and jump and crouch at the same time. to get back on the road is hard. Ok all you have to do is the same thing when to get the skull.

Comment by Dark lord of the underworld

Every time I attempt the Iron skull (Normal, Heroic, even Legendary) it’s not on top of the circle structure next to the AA Wraith. Anyone know what to do? Cause I really want that Hayabusa.

Comment by Marathon Man

Sorry, the Catch skull, not Iron.

Comment by Marathon Man

thanks for the info for the iwhbyd skull. for those of you who are asking about the music, it is ambient. as you walk past each ring, the background chord changes to a specific note. thats what they’re talking about.

Comment by captainamazing

it is not ambient it is halo 1 menu song

Comment by unknown 42 arw

I need some help with the the catch skull its the only skull i’m missing. i keep playing the level over and over it just wont show up i dont destroy the wraiths but it still dose not show up i’m playing it on required difficulty levels but it still wont show up ive tried playing online co-op
and everything the damn thing just wont show up if anyone has any suggestions as to what i should do please let me know by posting it here

Comment by yourworstnightmare

i saw on bnet that someone had suggested that you needed to kill the brute in the square building before the catch skull appears. i did and it showed up for me.

Comment by captainamazing

i can see the tough luck skull but everytime i try to jump to it i die how can i reach it?

Comment by remy

how do you manage tog get on the circular building to get the CATCH skull?

Comment by remy

i cant get the catch skull to spaw what am i doing wrong

Comment by david

no im not a chick im a dude

Comment by DarkAngel

ok i found the skulls and was at them but i could not pick them, has anyne experienced this problem

Comment by Billy Powell

Bullshit! This sequence doesnt work! Ive tried it a million times!

Comment by Nathaniel Arbogast

The IWHBYD skull is in the level the Conenant. You MUST! start from the beginning of the level on normal or higher. Go through area with the rings and across the bridge to kill the prophet. After the cutscene kill all the flood then start the sequence it is 1 3 4 6 7 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4, not as long as the one above. One is at the entrance and 7 is closest to the bridge. After completing the sequence the rings will light up and the skull will appear by the bridge. If you have any questions my gamertag is zraziel11

Comment by Zach

The Hayabusa armor pecies come avaliable with the number of skulls you get. 6, 9, and 13 respectively with the 6 being either body or shoulders cant remember and 13 being helmet. Also about the catch skull. When you come to the opening where the wraiths are go to the left and stay on the platform and kill the brutes and grunts. About halfway down there is a small building on the right, go in there and kill the gold armor brute and take his brute shot. Run over to the circular building by the AA wraith and there is like an area that you can walk between a wall and the building so that the other wraiths can’t shoot you. Use the brute shot to brute shot jump and you should be up there pretty easily.

Comment by Zach

Oh and by the way there are actually 5 silver skulls making there be 14 in all. The last one does not give you an acheivement or anything its just kinda a secret skull. Let me know if you want to know where it is send me a message on xbox live and I will help you out. Gamertag is zraziel11

Comment by Zach

Alright everybody I have been reading through everything and am trying to answer everybodys questions. So let me break down the skulls. You do not have to go through the whole level for any skulls except for the IWHBYD. Most of the skulls are easily accessible without using grenades or anything, except for catch and famine. The easiest thing for these is deployable cover or brute shot jump. You have to get all skulls including silver and gold to get Hayabusa helmet. Sometimes the PRESS RB TO PICK UP does not come up just push it anyway and you should pick up the skull. The secret skull you have to start at the begining of the stage it is on “Cortana” in the large round room before you go down the hallway with the doors to rescue cortana. You have to do it before you rescue her or it wont work. When you come out of the room to rescue her it is the room that you have to shoot the cores to blow up the ship, but remember you have to do it before you go in. It is above the room on the ring that goes around on the part that is sticking out, where there is a pile of bones. Let me know if you have any problems.

Comment by Zach

sorry zach, but you must always start from the beginning of the level, otherwise the skulls won’t appear.
But that’s not the reason I’m posting. I’m posting to show a halo game even 7th wont have played. take a look:



Comment by D-thunda

IWHBYD-dont need all skulls, i got mine like 6th. but i had all silver so be alarmed, u might need them too. all skulls to wear helmet, armor you dont need all skulls.
catch- do on normal, if it doesnt appear the first time restart mission, if not the second time restart your xbox360 and try on solo. it should appear

Comment by kody

for the iwhbyd you dont need any skulls all you have to do is jump through the rings in this order from front to back is 1-7……..4654534 you dont have to jump through all 12 combinations, kinda a waste of time just to let you guys kno

Comment by kody

you need all skulls to get the helmet, the more skulls you get the more pieces of the hyabusa you get, and to get the helmet you need every skull

Comment by kody

thunda that looks gay as hell ds sucks i will stick wit 360

Comment by DarkAngel

I thought it looked quite cool.
I’d have to try it, but that won’t happen, because it will never be released.

Comment by D-thunda

well we all have our own opinion so i wont knock ya for thinkin it but honestly the graphics look terrible even for the ds

Comment by DarkAngel

The skull tutorials were very helpful for halo 3. But I dont understand what someone said above, about the skull on the ring before you rescue cortana? Are you talking about tilt skull or something different?

Comment by PinellasPirate

he must be that one was a real bitch to get to damn thing was in the way oh n then the skull the fuckin flood is holdin had to revert to save like 10 times b4 i got the right timing

Comment by DarkAngel

update only thes rings have 2 b jumped through

4 6 5 4 5 3 4

Comment by luigidel

Just a correction the IWHBYD skull is much easier than you posted here. You only need to hop through seven instead of all the ones you have here. The correct order is 4 6 5 4 5 3 4, making sure you start at the beginning when you first walk in. Remember, it is much easier once you have defeated all the flood and covenant. Happy Hunting fellas

Comment by DarkAngel

someone should confirm this just in case it dont work out like he said it does

Comment by DarkAngel

Hey, I went through all those rings three times, the third time i was successful at getting the IWHBYD skull but after I picked it up nothing happened. I went out of the level to activate it but it wasn’t there. I don’t know if anyone else knows if this really is the skull we’ve been looking for…

Comment by Topher

u guys got no life….just look on “cheatplanet to figure out where the skullz r…and how 2 get all the body armor and that kinda crap…

Comment by im

i got the IWHBYD skull but when i saved and quit it wasn’t there how come?

Comment by remy

finish the level

Comment by unknown 42 arw

You have to finish it moron.

Comment by Dark lord of the underworld

for the skulls does it require you find them on normal heroic or led?

Comment by nowski

Thanks for all the advice, this site worked pretty well 4 me…the only thing I had real trouble on was Iwbyd…but once I figured it out it was nothing…heh heh happy hunting boys…chicks are smarter.

Comment by Shadow

One more thing, all you guys who think chicks can’t play Halo, come see me…I’ll own all your asses…

Comment by Shadow

shadow yur a chick?

Comment by -[II]-Blazer

Hey Zach, I found the skull but when I grabed it it didnt become activeated on the skull list i understand that its a Silver skull but i cant use it and i need the last skull to get the helmet if you could help me that would be nice

Comment by Count to 3

You need all the skulls gold+silver for hayabusa helmet

You can get IWHBYD skull ANYTIME don’t need marathon man or all other skulls

When you grab silver skulls you NEED to finish the level not save and quit!

Comment by Wrathful Gnome

I got the “secret” skull on the level cortana and then beat the level with the skull and it still didn’t become activated???… can someone help

I have every skull exsept one sliver….

Comment by Count to 3

There are 2 skulls in Cortana. One is just a duplicate Blind.

Comment by Lupus

where is the 2nd one found?!?! i found the one before you rescue Cortana but thats all..

Comment by Count to 3

I did the sequence for the IWHBYD, it appeared, i picked it up and saved and quit but it did not show up on my skull page when I went back to the lobby???

Comment by Chris

In order to get the skull IWHBYD unlocked you must beat the level after picking the skull up.

Comment by Count to 3

Alright, well counting how many times I’ve attempted catch on all difficulties, it’s 189. I’m pretty angry. When I look at the saved films, it’s not there from the moment I can get there (door opening) to the moment I’ve gotten there and yelled at the screen in disbelief. Can anyone help me out? Anything that’s already on the internet I’ve done, in all possible combinations.

Comment by Marathon Man

Oh, and also, just so people know: I have all of the silver skulls, an the only one I needed to beat the level for was IWHBYD.

And remember kids, always start at the beginning of the level.

Comment by Marathon Man

so you’ve not killed the wraith, killed the ghosts and all other enemies, and it still isn’t appearing?
that’s really weird.

Comment by D-thunda

do it on one player and kill the anit air craft and strait away jump up and get it just after the chick says something

Comment by Jake

so once i pick up the IWHBYD do i have to hold onto it till i beat the level or can i drop it?

Comment by Chris

nevermind i got it thankx

Comment by Chris

I got all of the gold skulls, now I’m going for the silver ones. I picked up the one at Sierra 117, but no achievement came up and I’m not sure if it actually worked. How do I tell?

Comment by john

Do i have to finish the level with the skull in my weapon set? Also, will an achievement come up when I do it?

Comment by john

One last thing, my bad. Can you do it on co-op?

Comment by john


Comment by unknown 42 arw

Well, yeah I’m a chick, idiot.
Look, all I wanted was to give kudos to this site for helping me with the skulls…and to let all you dumbass boneheads know girls have the upper hand. Go get stuck.

Comment by Shadow


Comment by ADAM

CHECK YOUR SKULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dark lord of the underworld

Silver skulls do NOT give you an achievemnt. if you want to be safe get a checkpoint and then save and quit. sometimes the silvers glitch and you dont get the skull onless you get checkpoint with it.

to get IWHBYD you go to covanent, after you kill truth jump through the halo holograms in this order:
(7 being the one closest to truth, 1 being the one closest to entrance)

5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

you do NOT need any other numbers before that no matter what others tell you!
Note: this must be done after truth is dead
You must jump through the rings facing away from where truth was!
Hope this helps!!!!

PS: The Hyabusa armour is amazing and definately worth getting all the skulls for!

Comment by the ninja hyabusa

all u guys retarded enough not to know, you press X is the campain lobby and u can toggle ON/Off The skulls you have gotten. If it is locked it will be a very dim grey. If it is unlocked it will have a symbol on the forehead and you can turn it on.

Comment by the ninja hyabusa

if i get the thunderstorm skull will it always stay activated and the same with the iron one coz im not sure if i want to get them

Comment by midget

Ok guys want some help. look me up online in halo3. ii7th v3xph3r, is my tag. just send a friend request with a voice message saying you need the help, i will answer whatever questions you have. if time permits i will even help you get them.

Comment by ii7th v3xph3r

Giving the fact that some of you might not be able to read(I won’t be able to help you with that)…However anyone with eyes can use this site…friggin retards, I swear. Anyway, if you don’t know this, you MUST finish the level with the IWBYD skull. It is the only one that you can’t save and quit the level with. For obvious reasons, don’t you think?
Chicks rule.

Comment by Shadow


I CANNOT activate the IWHBYD skull to save my life. I’ve tried all the methods HUNDREDS of times, and NOTHING will activate the damn thing.

– I started from the beginning of the level
– I jumped through in the order 4654534
– Tried jumping facing TOWARDS and AWAY from Truth
– I number the rings 1-7, ending with Truth.
– Killed Truth and the Flood before trying.

NOTHING works. The rings just sit silent and do nothing. The skull is NEVER there. Can someone PLEASE tell me what the hell is going on?

Comment by Forgiving Light

Forgiving Light, 4654534 I have a feeling is the wrong order… I swear I saw an order with 7 in it… and I think I got that right. Search around on other websites, remembers its the last SEVEN numbers.

Comment by Saraphite

all yall is dumb the real sequence is 4 6 5 4 5 3 4.yall goin through 2 much.DUMB!!!

Comment by assassin5391

does the silver skulls count when you pick them up or do you have to pass the level with then for it to count as part of the 13?

Comment by tennesy

wtf i did this 3 times and i still never got the iwhbyd shull

Comment by bob

Look, the Iwhbyd is NOT that difficult…geez.
Get to the rings, defeat Truth and the Flood, use the sequence needed(its posted here SEVERAL times) while jumping through the rings facing Truth’s direction, watch the rings light up, get the friggin skull, and then finish the level with it…it’s like not even that far til the end anyway.
Hello! If you can’t figure that out, then sol.

Comment by Shadow

Hey she’s right.

Comment by Dark lord of the underworld

i was in the lvl the “covanent” and i jumped through the ring in the speciped order and the “IWHBYD” didnt appear by the bridge can u help?

Comment by David

when i jumped through the rings in that order the skull didnt appear can u help?

Comment by David

I’m in total agreement with Forgiving Light.

Spent about 3 hours trying to get it. even restarted level. nothing works, rings are silent when jumped thru. even used grav hammer to make sure I got 100% thru the ring and not passing thru it with feet or anything….this sux

Comment by Big Brunsy

lol getting those skullz was 2 easy :P

Comment by flamedudeace

to get the IWHBYD skull make sure you dont touch the rings at any point along the bridge while trying to kill covies and the flood. Then after killing truth do the sequence.

Comment by defuzion

k, heres what i exactly did and it worked. came to the bridge, ran along it killin guys to get to truth, didnt even jump in any rings or anything. killed truth, killed all the flood to make things easier, then i went through the rings in this order, jumpin through towards truth

4 6 5 4 5 3 4

the fourth being the one that has parts of it red (this is the ring master chief destroyed)
there isnt really a noticeable sound when u jump through but if u listen closely there is a kind of humming sound, not very distinct like what most of you guys are listening for. So yea, the rings do this whole glowing thing and then u go to the blue energy bridge where truth died and there it is!

Comment by greedy

there is another problem to get the catch. you have to complete the game on normal or higher then do what is says to get the skull.

Comment by david

ok ive been trying to get the catch skull however when i get up on the build (i made shere the wriths are not destroyed and the skulls not there and i have no idea y ive been redowing this lvl for that last hr trying to get the skull

Comment by tommey the halo fan having troblue with catch

You guys are awesome. It took me less than 4 hours to beat the game on normal and get all the skulls. It only took me one try to get the IWHBYD skull, so i don’t know what the problem is with other players. But I guess just keep trying, you’ll get it eventually. Thanks for the help.

Comment by Snowman

dude, the skulls are easy
but the IWHBYD skull had an even longer code before they found out about the shorter one. but hey, you guys are good, i guess if you could find out about all these by yourselves. keep it up.

Comment by demonkunai

the iron skull is not where i should be ? why is this?

Comment by mark

hey how do you know if your skull is activated? besides just trying the effect

Comment by demonkunai

how do you get the hayabusa armour? D:

Comment by demonkunai

Um, do you have to just find the skull then Quit or beat the level?

Comment by Michael

on the IWHBYD skull you have to finish the level with skull in hand

Comment by demonkunai

oh and you can’t just use the gravity lift to get the cowbell skull, it doesn’t reach the top platform. you need to grenade jump the the first one and set the gravity lift on the very edge, then crouch on the fourth platform to get it

Comment by demonkunai

You do not need to finish the last level with the skull in hand at all for the IWHBYD skull, nor do you need to grenade jump for the Cowbell skull. Trust me, a grav lift placed at the fourth light on the floor will get you up there.

Comment by 7th Columnist

well it didn’t do shit for me

Comment by demonkunai

i got the IWHBYD skull and then quit the level because that works with all other skulls but it now says i didnt get the skull

Comment by vinny3413

I am trying to unlock the last skull, jumping through the rings in the correct order and nothing happens, no lighting up rings, no skull…is there something i am missing?

Comment by Intolerant Jesta


Comment by Advocat16

i believe that sequence isnt quite right try 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4

Comment by k4j3

I h8 the stupid catch skull iv tried it a ton of times for the last 2 days and cant get the stupid skull im having the same problem as evry one else i get to the top of the building with all the tanks there and no skull i watched a video on u tube where some one got the skull with the anti air tank destroyed so i tried that still no freakin skull i need help!


hey everone my name is ninjasniper1979 and i am looking for anyplayer that is as good as me to rank up. currently a low lv like a sargent and wants to get up. sent me a message on xbox peace everone.

Comment by steve

You don’t have to use a grenade jump to get Cowbell. Where the path slopes down just before it reaches the platform, if you place a grav lift just right on the slope, it should give you enough altitude to reach all the way to the top platform. You just have to be a little smarter about these things, people. Even a game has rules based in science.
Girls really are smarter…

Comment by Shadow

If you must know, the information on this site is precisely correct…giving the fact that you ignore most comments. The basic spill at the top of this page is really all the information that you need. The Iwhbyd, is actually one of the more easier skulls to get…hell the Cowbell was actually the one that made me throw the controller. But I’ll say this again, it’s all really easy. And you’re going to stick yourselves when you find out just how easy. Muwahahah

Comment by Shadow

The hint for getting the cowbell skull dosent work! Whoever posted that hint is a fucking idiot! Or, Bungie’s employees are fucking idiots because of how damn high they put that skull! I tried a million times but IT DOES NOT WORK!

Comment by atr

Shadow, your hint dosent work

Comment by atr

Ive got 11 skulls, but im stuck on the catch skull. I cant get up on that roof for the life of me, and i keep getting my ass kicked in the process. any ideas?

Comment by W33Z7Y

It works you moron. How else do you think I’m walking around with the frigging hayabusa helmet? What, did I pull it out of my ass? You have to put the grav lift high enough up on the slope and then jump at the highest platform at an angle. How much plainer can that get? Moron.

Comment by Shadow

I’m the fucking idiot? Shit, you’re the one still walking around like a tard and whining that you haven’t gotten the Cowbell yet. Boo hoo…if you can’t follow instructions, you’re the idiot. You know, you’re problem might be that you can’t read.

Comment by Shadow

By the way, to get Catch, you have to time it just when you see the dude up there on the roof. If you kill him right, he drops the skull to the ground. There is NO way to get on top of the roof. If you’re getting your ass kicked, then you’ve gone too far.

Comment by Shadow

And for the last time, you do have to finish the level with the IWHBYD. It’s the only skull that you have to do this with because you have to make it appear inside of the level. All the other skulls already appear in a certain place when you enter the level, which is why you can save and exit and it shows up as having gotten it. And shit, its not like you have to walk a whole long friggin way to finish the level anyway.

Comment by Shadow

Oops, correction I meant the fog skull up there…ya’ll piss me off that’s why I made a typo.

Comment by Shadow

Ah…You have to be careful with the Catch…you can’t destroy all the enemies cause it’ll disappear. The most you can do is be patient. Its not that hard, but try using a rocket-launcher jump

Comment by Shadow

listen there is an even easier code for IWHBYD containing only 7 numbers, i tried it out and got the skull, these are the numbers: **4,6,5,4,5,3,4**
IT IS REALLY EASY!!! GOOD LUCK, IVE ALREADY HELPED PEOPLE on youtube, by playing a game with them, and they already posted a video of it, and in the description put my easier code. again 7 is near truth and 1 is by the entrance before u kill truth, (not that u need those numbers) u only use ring 3, 4 ,5, and 6, and it is easier to jump through than 7th collumist’s because u get to jump thro them in order (6 then 5 then 4, 3 then 4) u get the point.

Comment by miikerocks

nice tutorial unlike some peoples ones i see excetppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

Comment by Halo BOOOM

ok so i tracked down all 14 skulls….every last one of them, from the start of each level…so i go to put on my new helmet anddd…..its not there!! what could i have possibly done wrong?

Comment by joe

we need a skull what order do we jump threw the rings???

Comment by Sam

I found another skull in the 2nd level as you go down to the hanger stay on the top level and head all the way to the right its behind some boxes, found it on accident just holding rb down it picked it up

Comment by dangodango

I think you use the grav lift on the third dot on the right side (if your coming from the top) then you jump into the grav stream. it should let you get up then

Comment by d o r k o

T o turn on skulls press “x” in the screen after you press campaign in. then click the skulls

Comment by d o r k o

everyone knows that D O R K O

Comment by II Blazer

ohhhh guys you r so goloble alright here a where all the skulls are the black eye skull:this skull is located on the beginning of the 2nd lvl. “crows nest” when you see the big door in front of you walk over to it and look behind you and there will be a little green tall thing jump on top of the “green tall thing” jump again onto the red pipe then jump onto the white round pipe then at the end of the pipe there lies the BLACK EYE SKULL when activated: when you lose shield you must mele an enemy to gain back health

Comment by II Blazer

and the IWHBYD skull is on the lvl. “The Covonent” after you kill the prophet “TRUTH” kill all the flood

then jump through the rings in this order


unlocking two things: Hyabusa armour/hidden dialogue throughout the game :Example: a grunt says: ewwwww demon is so ugly and another one says you’re not so pretty you’re self



Comment by II Blazer

oh and i forgot the skull is right next to the bridge that takes you to the prophet

thankyou again

Enjoy! again lol

Comment by II Blazer

ok i killed truth.. killed flood… did the rings… rings light up…. everyone picks up the IWHBYD skull (played on Co-op online) and only one person unlocked the helmet…. i unlocked the skull but i didnt get the helmet?… plz help

Comment by NinjaNameless


Comment by Shaunhockey

1. Must complete every solo level on normal or higher.
2. Must kill gold brute in square building.
3. Leave both wraiths alive.

1. after you kill the gold brute, go back to where you entered the outside area, and right below that is a warthog. steal that drive over to the side of the circular building that faces the platform(as opposed to the side facing the cliff)put warthog up against it, quickly hop out, and drop a bubble sheild. Jump on end of hog get on top, grab the skull, and get back to killing.

Comment by Maverick C12

Ok, you know what, im in almost total agreement with Shadow, look, you guys seem to have allot of problems when how to do it is clearly written up above.
Now i do not believe though that chicks rule, i had a mate who was told where the skulls were, then i watched, it took him 5 mins to figure out ANY problem with the skulls, and he is quite the opposite of a genius, so those of you who are out there having problems, im sorry, but a mate who scores some of the worst scores ive ever seen is crapping on you, so pick up your act, read above, and read ALL the comments, you might learn how to do it,
cheers! FF, some random guy.

Comment by Frankfarting

i found all of the skulls so if you need help add me gt: FuronX

Comment by FuronX

it wont appear iwhbyd skull

Comment by jake

Every one listen!!!! to get the cowbell skull, just put the grav lift right at the slope ends and then jump when in grav lift!! its way easier if you jump right before you flow up…

Comment by a person

a person,

thanks for the comment it works i got to the cowbell on my first jump in the grav lift :D

Comment by bobby657

thank you for the help. (good advice)

Comment by whats you name


Comment by a person


Comment by a person

iam a noob

Comment by delbert

hey its not working any help?

Comment by me

hey a few of the skulld arent appearing can someone give me some advice?

Comment by me

check them at

Comment by halo3planet

I cant get the thunderstorm skull to appear ive tried it on co-op it tried getting on easy – Legendary i’ve done it with out dying any ideas?

Comment by XIV

thx all of you i have them all!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

Comment by tylercool

The birthday party skull is easily the best ive gotten so far… but im having a few problems getting the cowbell skull. I get the grav lift, and put it down, but it wont get me up there. HELP!

Comment by Amie

XIV, did you start from the beginning of the level?

Comment by Amie

yeah i did thats why im so discouraged! cause i have to do it all over agian like 4 times now so… im trying today then my friend said he would try for me wich i hate asking 4 help…

Comment by XIV

i even cheated a little and looked for it in theater mode (thats how i found all of them except for IWHBYD) it was there but i didnt care to get the skulls then so…

Comment by XIV

can anyone tell me how to get the iron skull to appear??????

Comment by Amie

the silver skulls you can only get if you have a silvermembership on x-box live right.

Comment by Me

Amie you have to play it on normal!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Me

for those of you who do everything EXACTALLY like you are supposed to and the IWHBYD skull doesn’t appear….

play coop with someone with them being the host, then do it. i dunno y but every time I tried on solo it wouldn’t work, but when I joined my cousin on his game and did everything exactally the same as I had before, it appeared

Comment by Big Brunsy

By the way, I tried it without the first 5 and it works fine. So to make it easier the order is 4654534. This is tbe only skull (gold and silver) that you need to do somthing to unlock. Happy Halo!


ok.. i got all the skulls, yes i was on normal… and heroic… and legendary… but the last one, if you follow the 5 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 sequence, it works just as well. Good hunting guys… youll love the IWHBYD skull ^_^

Comment by Amie

hey amie

your right the IWHBYD is like the best skull but i like the blind better i kill lots of brutes and grunts with just that alone on legendary lol it kicks ass <(*_*<)

Comment by Johnny

I’ve been trying to get the catch skull for DAYS!!! I get inside the area, the wraith is there and I get on top of the storage container…
WHY doesn’t it appear? Do I have to get it BEFORE the normal Wraith drops down?

Comment by Ryan Chaos

Even though I dont have HALO 3 yet, i appreci8 the tips for the skulls. Th8nks

Comment by j boldt

yo the cowbell skull one – it reaches the top if u place it a little up on the ramp

Comment by Doc Beasty

i found it

Comment by XIV

You really should make your site so one can print the skull locations and not print the 5,000 comments listed below it, that would be nice.

Thanks for the skull info.

Comment by Angry man

i can’t get the catch skull why not?

Comment by Hrakert

There are some solid video reviews here. http://halo3montage.com/videos/skull-locations/

Comment by joe

is the short number sequence of the rings all you have to do for the IWBYD skull? cause otherposts and sitessay there are more numbers

Comment by definite maybe

why doesnt ne1 listen? 2 get the catch skull all you have 2 do is beat the game on normal or higher. if ur a true halo fan you’ve already beaten the game on legendary. and ive heard that leaving the wraiths alive helps.

Comment by ANGELofDEATH115

ok the cavemen are just there, oh and it is a teddy bear.

Comment by justin

an easy way to get the famine skull is to climb onto a stool lokking thing in the left part of the map where you walk through the door and then crouch jump monto the flood platforms that look like tree mushrooms and thier is a walkway straight to it. and if anyone needs help getting it, i will be on at 3:00 o clock central time because im doing marathon man for my friends so im getting all the skulls tomy name is sigen

Comment by justin

i got all the skulls and the IWHBYD skull was the easiest. i have full hyabusa now. and im all in white. if u guys want to add me in live for skull help, my name is “Ali and Sami” dont forget the capitalization

Comment by Cruzan Arab

Ok here is the working sequence for
i have used it plenty of times to help friends
after the video where the Arbiter stabs the crap out of Truth
the Flood are against you
kill EVERY flood and
there are 7 rings total
here is how they are set

Entrance I I I I I I I Truth
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

remember ring number 4 is broken(the red lines on it)

after killing every flood(including the little boogers or infection forms)

4 6 5 4 5 3 4


after this is done the rings will flash every couple of seconds

the skull the appears in front of the energy bridge that you must cross to get to truth

I would advise carrying the skull to the end of the level and down the shaft at the end

and before anybody says i do have a life i just wanted to help because tons of people have complained….

I got this technique from some cheat website….
i cant remember what is was though…

and if this is the last skull you need the Huyabusa head is pretty sweet

hope this helped

Comment by Shadow Ghost

Halo 3

Comment by JeffandJ3

The sequence listed here for the IWHBYD skull wouldnt work for me. 4654534 did though.

Comment by Anon

THANK YOU SO MUCH.i wouldn’t have figured out the sequence with out your help Shadow Ghost. and all the other people that posted the sequences. KBAR94 is mt on line name so send me a game invite some time

Comment by KBAR94


Comment by KBAR94

if anyone wants to add me do! i need some help on the campain missions.

Comment by spaten159

This is helpful…if yer a NOOB

Comment by Samuel Jackson

sent me an invite! jacobcardenas umm this is ummm helpful yes.

Comment by jacobcardenas

You need to look at the family.
to get the iron skull.

Comment by Jake Hogard

Jesus crist ever tried playing halo 3 with every skull on?

Comment by paul mcdougall

YEAH PAUL!i beat it on legendary w/ every skull
took like a week lol

Comment by Shadow Ghost

to get the cowbell get 2 people w/ grav lifts. then throw one in the corner. who ever is left with a grav lift throw that onea at the first one in the corner. ot will shoot you up to any platform.

Comment by natedogg717

alsome thanks for the help one problem tho i cant get the godam thunderstorm skull its just not there iv tryed evything!! on nomral restarting the mission nothing wokrs plz help me!

Comment by dude

what the fuck were u smoking when you wrote about how to get the cowbell skull? your little story starts off a mile away from the fucking thing and i still cant find it due to the fact that you decided to have a story involving 30 min of gameplay…i beat the board waiting to see just what the fuck you were talkin about and guess what? no cowbell skull nice walkthrough dumbass why dont u rewrite it and actually tell us where its near this time

Comment by KroniK

good thing you complimented him for helping on the rest. you pos winey loser go on you tube and make some more video of you + peanut butter + your dog then go touch yourself to your ipod you just uploaded your videos to

Comment by spark octane mckane

i dont get how to get the fog skull.

Comment by nightmare

yes, actually u can use the grav lift to get to the top becuase i just did it..

Comment by spider splicer

I followed everything to a T, I grabbed the skull, and when I quit back to the menu, the fucking thing wasn’t in my inventory!

Comment by D

the D is mine buddy.

Comment by D-thunda


Comment by D-thunda

i think theres a glich in my game as i have completed the game on every difficulti restarted and restarted even started from the begining 12 times now didn’t kill anything not even those guys that are at your right as soon as u come out of the room with the gohst and i still cant find the catch skull please help me shadow

Comment by mr cheese monkey

by the way i think some chicks kick at halo 3 i got smashed by one last night on live

Comment by mr cheese monkey

go into theater. pause as the doors open. fly over to the circular building and see if it’s there.

Comment by D-thunda

kk thanx

Comment by mr cheese monkey

I got all the skulls except the ctach skull.I don’t understand how to get it and its really pissin me off. tell me

Comment by halo3dude

ok mr cheese monkey heres the only help I can give you on the catch skull
because this one pisssed me off the most when i was getting the skulls

-make sure you dont have music playing off your hard drive
-make sure you have NO skulls on
-make sure you are on at least normal

when the doors open to the large cliff edge with the first anti air there is a passenger warthog rolled over at th bottom of the ramp
I found this warthog is the easiest way to reach this skull
take the warthog around the backside of the water tank that has the skull on it unti you are facing the platform where the other wraith is dropped off via phantom
find the highest point of ground
f.y.i. i found the highest point is in view of the anti-air’s turret so you might want to find a bubble shield before you enter this room
sorry dude thats all the help i can offer for this skull
i know its a pain in the anus
good luck man
if you have any other questions just ask

Comment by Shadow Ghost

I have a friend who, no matter what he did, the skull wouldn’t appear. if what shadow ghost said doesn’t work, get someone with the skull to do co-op with you, and get them to pick it up.
No matter what I did, the iron skull wouldn’t appear. before I’d even entered the area (I tried on all difficulties) I’d detach the camera and look where it was supposed to spawn, but it just wasn’t there. I got someone who had it in the game, and they grabbed the skull. problem solved.

Comment by D-thunda

can anyone help me with the cowbell skull, its my last one and i got to the top platform but it wasnt there,…..HELP PLEASE

Comment by brian

sure brian
couple of things
-no music off your hard drive
-no other skulls turned on
-normal or higher
-beaten the game on the difficulty you are trying to reach the skull w/
-start from beginning of level

then make sure you actually on the TOP platform
sometimes it can be misleading

sorry dude that must be frustrating
that is a huge anus level
having to restart it…
sorry but thats all thee help i can give
good luck dude

Comment by Shadow Ghost

wow i hope u guys no the order is dirrernt every time… the one for me was 4 6 5 4 5 3 4… so yea… and i found the skull the day halo3 came out with all the others… those guys at bungie staff to kick it up a knoch! lol happy gamming

Comment by chiken 1111

For the cowbell you should stick the grav lift in the second slit of the wall and jump to it from the slope. Thats how i got it

Comment by The Pr3dator

ok i have problems with all the skulls, i do everything this site tells me to do, ok i find the skulls but for some reason i cant pick them up it just runs over them… is there something i have to do b4 i can just pick them up from the ground

Comment by billy

well billy have you tired useing the right bumper?
maybe the bumper is broken on your controller
its like switching weapons
“HOLD RB to switch for xyz”
you get the point

Comment by Shadow Ghost

i have tryed many times to get the grunt party skull and cant find it can someone help me thanks=]

Comment by xTHIZZorDIE22x


Comment by Polar Warrior

u stink u have no life!!!!

Comment by Polar Warrior

ok xTHIZZorDIE22x
to get the grunt birthday party skull be sure to
-turn all other skulls off
-not be listening to music off ur hard drive
-playing on normal or higher
-have beaten the game on normal or higher

on the level
*Crows Nest*
play the level normally ontil you fall down the hole with Drones in it
kinda like a sewer
and the end of the tunnel you have to drop down to proceed remember?
well heres what you do
-kill all drones to avoid annoyance(you dont have to)
-slowly walk off the edge(baby steps)
-IMMEDIATELY pull the control stick back
you will be in a secret maintenance hole thingy
at the end of it is the skull
-pick it up like you would a weapon
-It doesnt always acknoweldge you picked it up but it still workerd
-i would recommend holding it for at least 5 seconds then finishing the level as you would

hope that helped
good luck

Comment by Shadow Ghost

That sequence did not work for me but 4 6 5 4 5 3 4 did work

Comment by jonny

Some of the skulls wont show up for me, the skull on Storm and on the mission after aren’t ther :|

Comment by Diachi

to add to that iwhbyd skull if you do the sequence correct after you grab the skulll or mabey before depending on how fast you are it will play the halo theme

Comment by anthony

I CANT GET THE CATCH SKULL TO APPIER! the rieths r allive and all th enamies.(started from begging)and still cant get the skull to appier!!!:{

can anyone help?=[

Comment by hi

Holy crap dude 1st of all learn to spell haha
Second i wrote a help comment on the Catch Skull
13ish comments up from this one
good luck

Comment by Shadow Ghost

i’ve found the “bGrunt Birthday Skull” and ive beaten the level several times and it STILL hasnt activated.

Comment by Sgt.Kill

Sgt Kill did you pick up the skull?
-is it on normal?
-have you beaten the game on normal?(not totally required but would help)
-are all the other skulls turned off?
-be sure to not have any music playing off your hard drive
-good luck dude
i personally like this skull the best
killing grunts was already fun
this makes it better
and if you have cowbell on you can even kill other enemies by killing a grunt w/ a headshot w/ the battle rifle/carbine/ other single shot type weapons

Comment by Shadow Ghost

When i pic up the skulls it does not unlock them, when i pick them up im on legendary or heroic. even when i finsh the level with the skull it does not unlock it. what is the problem?

Comment by jesse

Send me a friend request for some playtime :-)



Comment by Gande05

wow i have all the skulls and im a general grade4 u all are noobs

Comment by jake

Hey Jake, Mind giving a Gamertag to verify that? Also if you are, I would rather be 13 years old and a Commander instead of 8 years old and a General. Also if it was boosting it does not count for any skill at all.

Comment by Evilpro

lolllerskates, damn jake, evilpro just pwned you.
huzzah for cyber-ownage!

Comment by D-thunda

i would rather people that age never get on live at all…

Comment by Shadow Ghost

yall dont know how to get the recon armor do ya hahahahhahahah!1 i do plus i know how to get the flaming head!!!!!

Comment by kingspartan117

plus only bungie employyess know how to get it but one told me i siked him out

Comment by kingspartan117

Ok, Kingspartan117 show me your gamertag while wearing it :D, also Bungie GIVES it out you don’t do something in the game to unlock it or that would’ve been leaked out by the people who have gotten it.

Comment by Evilpro

I heard it was more of a flaming neck/chestpiece from an interview from EGM magazine
plus I heard only Bunjie Employees got them
but I havent heard about them giving it out

Comment by Shadow Ghost

Yeah its a chestpiece that looks like E.O.D.

Comment by Evilpro

See I win
hey have any of you guys heard any rumors about hidden cavemen or paintings on Sierra 117?

Comment by Shadow Ghost

yer i found out before this update i noticed the rings played a tune wen i jumped thru em i was messin about wen the rings flashed i went to the bridge and found the skull

Comment by chrissssssssss

do i have to get the IWHBYD skull last to get helm of hayabusu or can i just get all of them no matter what order?

Comment by gunther

Any order

Comment by Evilpro

ok thx

Comment by gunther

ok i just got all of the skulls and i don’t have hayabusa armor…. does it only happen in online play?

Comment by gunther

yes it only works for multiplayer but it should work offline too… make sure you have all 13…

Comment by maccie05

oh only for multiplayer….. i thought you could see it on campaingn too

Comment by gunther

yes i spelled campaign wrong sorry

Comment by gunther

hey shadow i agree with u girls are definatly smarter than guys and uhhhh… 1 more thing n e help wit the catch skull cannot get it. it is not there im gettin pi$$d. i dont have a live peofile i need a wifi adapter and to buy a account but if n e 1 can help me please let me know but uhhh yea. also there is an online game named travian.us i a, located on the 3x server look for me under lycan.

Comment by sparx1008

i know somebody whos got the whbyd skull and he got all the haybusa armor

Comment by saintjosex716

i needed this for only 2 but it was a big help

Comment by Christian Carnage

Alright Sparx I’ll tell you what i have been telling other people
-be sure to have beaten the game on normal(i dont think it is manditory but might help)
-dont play music off your hard drive
-turn all skulls off
-most importantly…play on normal or higher lol
as soon as you get the ghosts and the doors open and you’re on th cliff place
there is a ramp leading down
at the bottom is a flipped passenger warthog
take it around the backside of the big water tanky thing
the highest place i was able to find is in view of the wraith so it would help to have a bubble shield
this skull made me more angry than any of the others so good luck with it…is that the last skull you need?
and what did i say about girls being smarter than guys?

Comment by Shadow Ghost

Hey, I found the Silver skulls, but it doesn’t activate the achievement, anyone know why It doesn’t activate when I pick up the skull?

Comment by Shaunzzy

just so you know the skull Achievement doesnt always show up in the top corner like it usually does
you still get the achievemwnt if you hold on to it for like 5 secs then finish the level
but you still get the achievement
it just doesnt always say so

Comment by Shadow Ghost

you dont get achievments for silver skulls, there jus for fun, and the hayabusa armor. YOU DONT GET ACHIEVMENTS FOR SILVER SKULLS

Comment by benno

LOL @ Shadow Ghost

Comment by Evilpro

Whoops. Thanks guys.

Comment by Shaunzzy

My bad too i thought the were for achievements
like when you pull up your list doesnt it gove some for skulls?
or are they even worth anything?
to tell the truth sadly i dont even own halo 3
i just happen to be really good and have helped tons of friends get help on skulls and achievements
I am ashamed

Comment by Shadow Ghost

My bad too i thought they were for achievements
like when you pull up your list doesnt it gove some for skulls?
or are they even worth anything?
to tell the truth sadly i dont even own halo 3
i just happen to be really good and have helped tons of friends get help on skulls and achievements
I am ashamed

Comment by Shadow Ghost

whoops it posted twice

Comment by Shadow Ghost

iv done the game like a weak ago so yha but im now looking for the skulls i now were to get the skulls from but i went there in the level covenent (exscuse
me if my spellings bad) and there was no skull so email me if you now why at lordjord96@hotmail.co.uk

Comment by jordan

Did you start at mission start?
On normal or higher?
Do the ring code if it was I Would Have Been Your Daddy?

Comment by Evilpro

Yeah dude you got to start form the beginning And on normal
just a tip tho i wouldnt give out your email
i would just check back here for a reply
But Evil Pro do you play live often?

Comment by Shadow Ghost

Yeah all the time.

Comment by Evilpro

He’s playing live right now, and loving it. (kudos to whoever guesses whatever thats parodying)

oh, and never give out your email. someone could trace it, then your ip, then trace that to your house, then find you, then…

say hi :D

Comment by D-thunda

wtf is with the cach skull I trid to get it but it diepered

Comment by tom

Um.. Just read it, silly.

“Catch Skull
Enemies throw LOTS of grenades.
The ‘Catch Skull’ can be found on the fourth level, in the first area where you need to destroy the Wraith Tanks. When you enter this area, do not eliminate the Wraith Tanks (The skull appears when the tanks appear, and disappears when the tanks are destroyed).”

That’s probably why it diapered or whatever you’re trying to say.

Comment by Walla

ok I was playing halo for adout 2 hours and still dident get the catch skull pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by tom

dud be sure to read the above comments for help
ive told like 6 people how to get this one
1)for good measure…restart your 360(unless you just turned it on)
2)do not turn any of the other skulls on
3)do not play any music from your hard drive
4)play on normal or higher difficulty
5)start from the beginning
6)do not kill the wraiths or ghosts…dont even touch em’
7)as a tip there is a rolled passenger warthog down the first ramp that happens to be the tallest thing in the area
8)also, there is a sniper rifle in the tower in the center of this area
you could use it to check if the skull is there and save yourself the trouble
9)i have heard a rumor that you might have to kill the people that get dropped from the phantom(in the tower where the snippy snipey is)
but i didnt have to

this skull took me a couple of times to get..in fact….alot…so good luck

i think bunjie is hiding something from us

Comment by Shadow Ghost

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you I finly got it fuck that was hard
now i have the haybusa armor

Comment by tom

the $#$#$#%^&& plama killing me mother of god help

Comment by gunner spartin

no Prob Tom
what was it that changed do you know?

gunner spartan what the heck are you talking aboot?

Comment by Shadow Ghost

the famine skull i cant get it, i am tom i just changed my name

Comment by gunner spartin

o ok
dude i hated the famine skull
well first of all do you know where it is and just have trouble getting it?or are you confused at the description at the very top?

Comment by Shadow Ghost

im having trobble getting it

Comment by gunner spartin


Comment by gunner spartin

I know but what are you having troule w/?
reaching the platform by jumping or finding the platform at all?lol

Comment by Shadow Ghost


Comment by gunner spartin

ok dude calm down lol
well there are a couple ways to do it
1)be sure to do every precaution i told you for the catch skull
2)as a tip, this can be easier on 2 player
well lets see this is going to be hard to explain…..
after you return with the scorpions(Dawn’s Dropoff)and you go under a bridge for a second time
once you go under there is a small opening to the side of the bridge (marked by a large boulder)
remember this spot
dispose of the wraith but try your best to keep at least 1 ghost intact
you know the opening i told you about earlier?
there is a pillar. on the other side of it is another opening
boost the ghost up at a left diagonal angle(from the right side)(left side of the big boulder)
once on top you will notice pillar on the opposite side and extensions coming out the other end
i cant quite remember which one it is on but i believe it is on the one at the farthest end
park the ghost at the top of the incline(you will see a small decline and then an edge) you must do a crouch jump to reach the extension
you might not make it on your first try
if you fall
remember the very first opening i told you about?
well you can climb it on foot
i will let you figure it out
but with two people you can stand on eachothers heads

o an a heads up
make sure the skull is on the extension before you jump for it lol
you can see it thru your visor
happy hunting dude
let me know how it goes

Comment by Shadow Ghost

i Feel like I own this website i come here so much lol
i guess i like helping

Comment by Shadow Ghost

yessss, woot woot

got every skull now got the armour

thanx for posting this

Comment by halo n00b

How come i cant get the iron skull diamond4040 is my user add me and i need 2 silver skulls left can some on help plz???

Comment by Diamond4040

probly youre playing on easy and not normal

Comment by gunner spartin

i got all the skuls and still dident get the haybusa head HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by gunner spartin

gunner are you sure you got ALL of them?
i heard something about a fools skull on Cortana after the real one…
and Diamond4040 is it not appearing or can you not find it?

Comment by Shadow Ghost

Skull multipliers are bullshit. The whole campaign scoring is bullshit. Anybody who says they have recieved those achievements on Legendary or any other level are full of shit.

Comment by cyanoticsoul

Where the heck did that come from?

Comment by Shadow Ghost

i pick up the grunt party scull but it doesent say i have it help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my xbox live is MasterCooKie123

Comment by mastercookie123

I got all the skulls and didnt have trouble wit any cept for 2. The 2 had trouble with at frist were famine and cowbell but wit time and playin around i got em both i didnt use garnade on famine i jused deploy cover and just jumped on that then jumped to skull and on cowbell i did on co op with grav lift and jumping on arbiter while he walked onto grav lift. By the way anyknow what IWHBYD skull does?

Comment by Daniel

master cookie
the skulls dont always register as and achievement right away sometimes it will say so at the start of the next level… I would suggest holding it for at least 10 seconds then finishing the level

Comment by Shadow Ghost

master cookie
the skulls dont always register as and achievement right away sometimes it will say so at the start of the next level… I would suggest holding it for at least 10 seconds then finishing the level

Daniel thw IWHBYD skull unlocks hidden dialogure somewhere in the game like in videos and such I think… I recall hearing something different In the final cutscene but I wouldn’t go beat the game just for that… If you have enough time and have beaten the game enough and watched the videos enough then you can play through the whole game with it on if you want…

Comment by Shadow Ghost

hey cyanoticsoul how abowt legendary with all the skulls and just 2 people playin the game then u can get those achievements and a lot of points :D

Comment by Gavroids

SKULLS DON’T WORK? So many of you complaining, “I grabbed the skull…it did nothing”. You do know you have to turn them on, right? From the Campaign Menu press X. You will see a screen displaying the skulls you collected. Turn them on to get the effects. Try reading the manual that comes with your game!

Comment by Answer4u

i got all the skulls on my profile and tried on my friends and it didnt work

Comment by hyabusa steve

the code for iwhbyd

Comment by hyabusa steve

then maybe you did it wrong

Comment by Shadow Ghost

did you try again?
if not then do so slower after killing EVERYTHING
and not jumping through any rings while blowing flood up

Comment by Shadow Ghost

Hey guys…just wondering do u need the fools skull on cortana to get the full habusya armour?

Comment by cameron

Hey guys…just wondering do u need the fools skull on cortana to get the full habusya armour?

Reply to me at camross@hotmail.co.uk


Comment by cameron

Cameron you do not
where is that skull by the way?

Comment by Shadow Ghost


Comment by Walla

hi all the i would have been your daddy skull took a while to leek didnt it? from when halo 3 came out i already had all the skulls and you can simplyfie it even more you only need 4 rings to do it (no telling you which ones) happy hunting

Comment by KEZ

z0mg, are they, perhaps, 3, 4, 5 and 6?

Did you even read the guide at the top? It tells you which ones to jump through. So it’s not like we needed you to tell us which four.

Comment by Walla

thanks that helped

Comment by hussin tajnini

how do i find the hidden skull at cortona levil

Comment by razer

the grunt birthday party skull won’t appear >~> someone email me and tell me how to get it rushken@live.com.au i’ve been in the secret room there’s nothing at the center

Comment by JoEl

it worked i did like ten other numbers tyfor like helping me

Comment by gnarkill475


Comment by sgt.grit

I am aware of how to get the iwhypd skull but for some reason or another the skull doesnt show up by the truth near the bridge.

Comment by loniece

thanks alot. btw, when you jump through a few rings before starting the combination, when you finish the skull combi, you still get the skull!!!

Comment by jumper o1

every time i use the gravity lift to jump up the rows to the cowbell skull it isn’t there

Comment by Nierob

I did it!! i found the IWHBYD skull!!!

Comment by HaloPro

i known that long time. need cath skull to finish

Comment by gavin

for the catch skull if u cant get up there with the brute shot just steal a ghost after u kill the gold armor brute then drive it inbetween the wall n the cylo and it will get stuck the back end will be up n the air then jump on the back of the ghost n crouch jump to the top of the wall then across to the cylo easiest way i found to do it

Comment by LTSATAN

ummm, there’s new skulls!!!

Comment by me, myslef, and i

i found the IWHBYD skull by talking to my friend at bungie… it seems they took 2 weeks to find out how to hide that skull… Meh two weeks wasted if you ask me…

Comment by the finder of the IWHBYD skull

I have full EOD,EVA,Hyabusa armours =) i know how to get in anti air craft wraith.all you have to do is jump on it (not board it) then go where the driver is and go to a spot where it does not have an option to board the wraith.then use your B.R. while holding rb and fire at the driver’s head and as soon as he dies you will get in it. Enjoy

Comment by True Glitcherz

oh, and gun-but off the metal part on the anti aircraft wraith to find the drivers head (in front of wraith)

Comment by True Glitcherz

A lot of people have trouble with catch skull. either it is not there or the blue wraith kills them or they have trouble trying to kill the ghosts.or something like that.well one of the best ways is to do it with a partner.go to the building and jump on your partner then jump onto the building and the catch skull is there

Comment by True Glitcherz

If you need help at any skull that you cant get, you can ask me.

Comment by True Glitcherz

lol famine is easy you dont need a grenade or anything,save your grenades. before you get to famine,find a deployable cover.when you get to the edge where you have to jump,play the deployable cover and jump on it,then you can jump onto the platform….

Comment by Halo Man

omg…omg…a lot of you are saying they dont know where the iwhbyd skull is….maybe if you looked above that it tells you that the skull is on the covenant and that you have to jump though the rings in the order 54654534….. -_- um ya….

Comment by Halo3.......Person

Legend, the iwhbyd skull isnt on cortana in the room with the three generators,your talking about the fools skull

Comment by Halo3.......Person

garbage123…..omg iwhbyd is NOT on cortana gee i wonder why there is still a blank….cuz it isnt iwhbyd! its on the level covenant…

Comment by Halo3.......Person

you dont need all the skulls before oyu get iwhbyd. cuz i got it before i had catch skull,and it is not on last level when your driving or others.try reading the information above.

Comment by -_-

uh..maybe its on covenant??…

Comment by -_-

i have all armor and i can tell you.
EVA Helmet-simply beat the game on Normal.Shoulders-beat the ark on normal.Body-beat tsavo highway on normal
Flight Helmet-beat game on heroic.Body-beat tsavo highway on heroic.Shoulders-beat the ark on heroic.
EOD helmet-beat the campain on legendary.Shoulders-beat the ark on legendary.Body-beat tsavo highway on legendary. if you beat the whole campain on legendary,you get all those armours.
Hyabusa Helmet-get all the skulls. Body-unlock 5 skulls.shoulders-unlock 9 skulls. Sword-get 1000/10000 GS
Ascetic helmet-unlock steppin razor achievement.Body-unlock up close and personal achievement. Shoulders-unlock overkill achievement
Mark V (from halo1) you can get this by unlocking UNSC spartan achievement
ODST-unlock spartan graduate achievement
Rogue-unlock spartan officer achievement
Scout helmet-unlock used car salesmen achievement.Shoulders-unlock mongoose mowdown achievement.Body-unlock too close to the sun achievement
Marathon helmet-get 1000/1000 GS
Enjoy =)

Comment by Halo3 all armors

I am not a noob but some of the skulls i pick up dont say acheivement unlocked but the others do, this is the only thing keeping me from unlocking the hayubuso helmet, please tell me what i need to do.

Comment by Stone Riddle


It’s probably because the skulls in question which you pick up are “silver” skulls, not gold; silver skulls do not unlock achievements, while gold skulls do.

Comment by chewy8126

yeah thats a good guide but what about the other new schools which you can access via xbox live does anybody have a clue were they are … ? thought not =}

Comment by sam

yeah i ment skulls not schools har har =’]

Comment by sam

i got all the skulls in a single day easily

Comment by mitch

Actually, the Tough Luck Skull increases the success rate at which your enemies dodge Charged Plasma Pistol shots, needles from the Needler, grenades, Rockets, Fuel Rods, Any slow-moving projectile, an being run over(I believe)

Comment by christian bethel

Man, i can’t find the skulls for crap. So this will help me alot. And also i think the grunt birthday party one will be very fun.

Comment by Halo Progidy

thanks i can’t find any skulls so i can use this information a lot thanks again.

Comment by dhigon

is there any reason that the cowbell skull wouldnt show up? we have tried several times to get the skull and it isnt where it should be….

Comment by schmidtknot

nd it still isnt showing up…

Comment by schmidtknot

I heard that there was a skull on the last level, towards the end when u r drivin a warthog, that will let u be a brute for an apperence. anybody know anything about that??

Comment by hooblahoobla

Its a lie you have to get 50 kills in matchmakeing for your team.

Comment by Wu ,Dark lord of the underworld

The very last unloccable says you can unlock the haybictous armour or something like that its bull i got the skull and every thing finished the mission and i didnt get the armour! (i did go into the armour settings)

Comment by Long rod vanhushion dong

You have to do it normal or HIGHER MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Wu ,Dark lord of the underworld

fuck you all

Comment by retard

what do u do with the chimps on the 1st level

Comment by brian

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

Comment by sandrar

i cant find the skull in the first level i got on the roof but its not there can someone help me out

Comment by alfredo

ok, all you have to do is continue on the roof till you hit a wall on the side near where they hold the guys, at the end of the path, it should be laying there, by the way, anyone know how to get recon armor, i got a special code from bungie and it didnt work.

Comment by XxpcamperqxX

The first skull thing is bogus. I looked all over the skull but it was not there. What roof are you talking about

Comment by Nick

Do you have to carry the skull with you till the end of the level?

Comment by Nick

But you can if you want to.

Comment by Wu ,Dark lord of the underworld

These skulls always puzzled me lol.

Comment by Travian Cheats

on the last lvl there is a mongoose to find instead of a hog

Comment by halo3!

Me and my brother have all golden skulls but when we find a silver skull nothing happens. Are we doing something wrong?

Comment by Ssj

i found first skull and it wont give me the acheivment when i pick it up

Comment by bman stew

:D D: :F

Comment by Dark lord of the underworld


Comment by Wu ,Dark lord of the underworld

BOW DOWN TO ME ILL RULE THE WORLD WITHEN 2,000,00ND YEARS. IF YOU DONT OBEY ME GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Wu ,Dark lord of the underworld

:P Getting skulls is getting Lamer and lamer just get halo: Reach. You are all idiots. Its only 59.99 and if you can get 15% off it even a bit lower.

Comment by Wu ,Dark lord of the underworld

Getting skulls is getting Lamer and lamer just get halo: Reach. You are all idiots. Its only 59.99 and if you can get 15% off it even a bit lower.

Comment by Wu ,Dark lord of the underworld

Screw the: im gonna take over the world thing. I have no idea i said that.

Comment by Wu ,Dark lord of the underworld

Um how do you make your own website anyways??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Comment by Wu ,Dark lord of the underworld

I’m looking for teammates for my halo clan if u are interested just email me or send me a message via x-box live.
semper fi.

Comment by Assassinking358

must be vary skilled

Comment by Assassinking358

I’ve tryed the jumping through rings in the correct order , but it’s not working , I’ve also tryed a different order , and it still doesn’t work what do I do?

Comment by Quintin

Nice blog.. there a lot of new about this coming Speculations about the Halo 4 release date are rife among gaming buffs.
Aw, this was a really quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done..


Comment by Anne James

I got all the skulls but it didn’t give me the hayabusa

Comment by ray john rivera

I did everything right but I didn’t get the helmet

Comment by Carl

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