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Halo 3 at Leipzig Videos
August 22, 2007, 11:49 pm
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IGTV have put up a couple of fantastic videos of Halo 3 gameplay – filmed off screen at the Leipzig Games Convention. One on campaign and the other on multiplayer.

The first video is from campaign, taken from Tsavo Highway and does a good job of demonstrating Halo 3’s next gen prettiness – showcasing the new troop hog and sheer blindness caused from the flare in action, whilst also giving more of a feel for the scale and style of gameplay.

There’s a little extra footage tagged on the end from a multiplayer session that’s worth paying attention to, as it shows the Gravity Hammer in full swing. Awesome sound effect.

The second video is all multiplayer, all Sandtrap, and all good. For the first time we’re able to see just how big a level Sandtrap is – and much like the Elephant featured in the video we posted earlier, much bigger than we had previously imagined. Check out the detail on that Elite model, damn he’s looking nice.

Both videos are available on each page for download too, for those not wanting to stream. I really am starting to regret not getting over to the convention myself this year.


IGN has also posted a short video of campaign gameplay along with a brief write up from their time with it. Go take a look.

**UPDATE 2**

Gamevideos.com has posted two more great looking videos of campaign gameplay. These feature a little more action than the previous vids – gunplay, encounters with Brute Choppers, even a jacking! Check ’em out here and here.


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is a stupend video

Comment by thomas

man ign vids and these vids are cool

Comment by x_kenney_x

Those gameplay clips, especially the second IGN video (the montage) are just amazing graphically. Everything is so crisp and clear.

Comment by Bansheesdie

what does stupend mean.. lol

Comment by V Meister

Stupendus? uh, Super?

Comment by DEL360X

some cool vids about campaign:


and forge in action!:


some cool stuff there. Enjoy!

Comment by D-thunda

the forge vid is particularly cool :)

Comment by D-thunda

Hey did u guys know that ai’s like Cortana r only supposed 2 live like 7 years

Comment by jaysonfire99

few things warrant me adding ‘HUGE NEWS FROM’ to my name.
But boy does this take the cake. this will make you ‘TEH ZOMGZORZ!!!!!1!ONE!!!!’


The hornet IN ACTION plus stuff from Tsavo highway we’ve never seen!
I weeped with joy when I saw this
*tear rolls down cheek*

Comment by HUGE NEWS FROM D-thunda


Comment by V Meister

the hornet kicks ass so hard

Comment by V Meister

dont wanna see tsavo highway bit tho.. wanna discover SP for myself :) great find D.

Comment by V Meister

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